Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tribes of the Wilderlands: The Telosians

Population: 200 Adults/300 non-combantants
Government: Councilory
Dominate Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: The Telosians worship Nuka Val

Major Trades/Skills: The Telosians are good hunters and farmers.  They farm roots and tubers in the form of carrots and onions.  They also regularly farm flax and spin and weave linens.  The Telosians trade bolts of linen for other goods.  Sometimes even wives.

Currency: The Telosians use pieces of jade as coin.  Uncut jade can fetch any where between 1 cp to 2 sp, while carved jade can fetch up to 10 gp depending on its quality.

Dress: Living in the Vale of Beasts to hunt your pray, the Telosians prefer a modicum of clothing.  They prefer linen to protect their modesty. This is usually in the form of a loin cloth.  Both boys and girls often wear just the loin cloth.  Nakedness is encouraged among children to the age of puberty.  However, there are times when the adults will go naked, such as during the summer.  During the winter, however, the Telosian tribe bundles up and follows their prey.

Preferred Weapons: The Telosians prefer the Atatl, spears made of flint and wood, and bows and arrows -- which are also made of flint.

Technology: Neolithic.

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