Saturday, October 30, 2010

I feel frustrated and Angry today

I really feel frustrated and angry today. I feel like I'm blocking inspiration from the Spirit.

I did a render illustrating how I feel today.  I'm angry, frustrated, and mad.  I wish I could express my feelings.

Some things you didn't know about Sound

CNN lists 10 things about sound and health that you probably didn't know:

1. You are a chord. Matter is vibrating energy, which means that you're a collection of vibrations, also known as a chord.
2. You are healthy when that chord is in complete harmony. Socrates said that: "Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful."
3. You see one octave; you hear ten. An octave is a doubling of frequency, and the visual spectrum only goes from 400-790 THz, which is just under one octave. Humans with good hearing can hear ten times that number!

For the other seven fascinating facts about sound and health, you can click on the link below.

My comments:

Yes, this is all correct. We are cords, and we are a collection of vibrations. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Spacemaster Campaign

236084main MilkyWay-full-annotated
By NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons; in the Public Domain

It's the Year 1982.

Twenty Years earlier, the Illithids were defeated in a major Interstellar War against the Nations and the Powers of World War Two.  The Allies and the Axis joined together to fight the Illithids.  Using FTL capability given them by the Eldar, the Earthers fought a major campaign to keep their independence and right to live.

The Earthlings defeated the Illithids at the Battle of Orion in 1962, forcing them to withdraw their imperial interests out of the Orion Spur.  The Illithids still have a far reaching empire: in the outer arm, the Perseus Arm, the Norma Arm, and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Mankind has settled the galaxy some forty light years beyond Sol.  Each Nation, except the USSR, formed their own stellar nation and their citizens raced to these new nations to start new lives among the territory that the Earthers conquered from the Illithids.  But the Illithids are still out there, biding their time to plot revenge.

This image of the "Mind flayer" creature (concepted by TSR Inc. and Wizards of the Coast) is a from-scratch fan drawing.

The Illithids were utterly defeated, but there are planets within the Orion Spur where some are still rumored to exist.  The defeat did not come easily, but victory meant that the humans had new worlds to settle that were under Illithid Domination.  And in the far Frontier, skirmishes between Illithids and Earthers are uncommon.


The Technology of the Earthers are simple, it's rivets and steel.   While the Illithids use organic hulls on their space ships, the Earthers use strong Fullerine hulls.  While the Eldar use wood, the Scro also depend on metal.

Space Drives

Human Technology depend on a Plasma Ion Propulsion drive for space -- which is similar to a fusion reactor drive, but plasma is used to foster the fusion process and the resultant ions are forced out of the nozzles.  While in air, propulsion is based on a reactionless electromagnetic gravity drive.  The Earther ships are able to produce electromagnetic fields around their ship that causes the ship to counter gravity and lift themselves up.

Humans depend on two star drives: the Plasma Slipstream Drive and the Fold Space Drive.  The Plasma Slipstream Drive creates a Birkland Current around the ship and slips it into Faster Than Light travel.

Plasma Slipstream, in action.  (From Stargate Universe)
The second method of travel is a fold drive.  Carried on the largest of ships (such as space battleships and space carriers) the Fold Drive is a quick way of transporting a large amount of ships to another part of Interstellar Space as quickly as possible. Developed in 1960, the Fold Drive was used to transport five Earther Fleets to the Orion Nebula where they dealt with the Illithid Armada that amassed to conquer the Earthers.  However, the Illithids had trouble of their own and the Earthers had allies: the Scro, the Eldar, the Draconids, and other races in the Galaxy.  They defeated and destroyed the Illithid Armada in the Orion Spur.  Their power broken in the Spur, the Illithids retreated their own holdings in other parts of the Galaxy.

Drive Speed:

The new generation of Plasma Slipstream Drives allows ships to go at 7 parsecs a day.; this pretty much means that a ship traveling from Earth to Alpha Centauri at about 4.5 hours, to Canopus (which is 30 parsecs) about 4 days of travel; and Across the Galactic Arm, which is 2,000 parsecs: about 9 months.  It takes 4 years to reach the Plasma confluence at the Galactic Core -- a distance of 10,000 parsecs.  The Fold Drive system can carry ships up to a maximum of 50 light years per use.  Most people prefer to use the Plasma Slipstream FTL if they can help it.  The first generation Fold System is very temperamental and unreliable.


Earther Ships rely on Plasma Fusion Generators to generate ion thrust and electrical power for the ship. However, the Zero Point Energy Converter is still experimental, as it would convert Zero Point Energy into electrical power and propulsion power.  The fuel capacity for Plasma Fusion allows a ship to have a range of 20 parsecs non-stop.

Star Fashion, by myself.

FTL Astrogation

FTL Astrogation is Complex and 3-Dimensional.  The course must take into account the gravitational fields of intervening suns and star drift.  A reliable course (Astrogation, Medium) can only be computed if the Astrogator has complete information about the system.


The communications of the galaxy depends on FTL communication via a tachyon network.  While frontier planets depends on courier ships; planets closer to Sol uses the Tachyon network.  Courier ships use Fold Systems to get from place to place, though, delivering the news.

Computers and Cybernetics

IN 1982, the Intergrated Circuit is still in its infancy.  Computers have the power of a Apple IIe or a TRS-80 (pronounced trash 80) or an IBM computer with only 128 kilobytes of memory.  Calculations and programming are done by Machine Language (COBOL), C, and Microsoft BASIC.  Spreadsheets and Databases keep the computer banks informed.  However, most ships have mainframes that carry 10 GBs of storage.  Given the computer's level of evolution, however, Energy Matter Teleporation by machine is necessarily impossible.

Gravity Manipulation!

Gravity onboard ship is achieved by using electricity to produce the necessary Gravity aboard ship.  Electricity is 10 to the 39th power much more powerful than gravity.  Conversely, a ship is capable of generating powerful electromagnetic fields to counteract the effects of gravity, in order to lift itself into space.

Next Post: RACES!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Creationism vs. Evolution Debate

Having recently watched a show on the Intelligent Design theory and the various Creationist and Evolution videos I have come to the conclusion that it's a never ending fight. This is because the entire fight is faith based.  It's a fight between Religions, that's all it is, it will never be solved and it will never come to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, Science suffers because of this debate.  Science is caught in the middle since both groups invoke science in order to lend credibility to their argument.  Fortunately, though, both theories exists so those who really knows the truth will turn and Ask Higher Intelligence what actually happened and how life arose on this planet.  The results, however, are surprising.

So, what do you do when you caught between the two?  Let them fight it out and seek out your own answers, its all you can do.  Oh, the Evolutionists will say that they co-opted Logic, the Scientific Method, and the History of Science.  But making such a pronouncement is nothing more than the latest salvo in the debate.  It really create fools to make such a proclamation.  Such a statement is non-sense because it divides the scientific community: it was made in such a way that it creates a "Either you are for Science" or "You are against science" attitude.  However, such a thing is foolish since the Scientific Method and Logic is pretty much owned by all.

So, really, this is getting pathetic.  You guys -- both Creationists and Darwinists -- are really going to have to learn to get along with each other so that the two theories can co-exist peacefully and people can choose for themselves which theory feels right for them.  This will advance science and not make it out to be a big joke.   But since you are at each others intellectual throats, you are making a mockery of Science.  Really, I wonder why the men in the white coats aren't carting both groups off to the Funny Farm.

The Implications of Both Theories

Evolutionists are so bent on taking Intelligence out of the equation of Life to prove that Intelligence had nothing to do with Life on Earth that they are going to have to prove that there is no Intelligence in the Universe in order to prove that their theory is valid.

Creationists will be setting Science back two hundred years since they firmly say that the World was created in six days.  However, here is a newsflash for Creationists and Evolutionists.

--- The Account of Genesis was a human witnessed event.  The Account of Genesis is the end of the Golden Age, the Age of Perfect Virtue and the Beginning of our World as we know it.  It also accounts for a Spiritual Creation.  David Talbott presents this in his thesis "Remembering the End of the World."

--- Evolutionists, you have to pretty much disprove Quantum Physics and Quantum Events and two laws governing Intelligence in the Universe:  The Law of Attraction and the Law of the Harvest.  This means that you have to disprove the infamous double slit experiment.

Since, however, both groups will not do the science and are clinging to theories that are over one hundred years old, you are both making Science a mockery to the World at large.   Like I said, this is an argument of faith.  After all, it takes faith to believe in both theories.  I think Doctor Frankenstein has put it best when dealing with the two groups.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Feudal System

Greatly, one of the things about Feudalism, especially the English System, is that it has been romanticized.  The tales of King Arthur, Grimm's Fairy Tales (although Cinder-Ella is an ancient tale that was adapted around the life of a Noblewoman), and various fantastic works and paintings and even the Romanticizing of the Society of Creative Anachronism.

Although it was an interesting time.  Even to re-enact; there are some things about the Feudal System that is often glossed over in Hollywood movies, fairy tales, and Arthurian stories.  It's the fact that the Feudal System is anathema to Freedom and Scientific Progress.

The one system the Shadow Government of the U.S.A. wants us to return to is the Feudal System. 
Albeit modified around Socialism.  To understand where we are going, we need to understand where we've been.  In studying for this week's adventures of the PCs in Grummond Cave, I needed a base where they can go to resupply if needed.  I chose the hamlet of Wodfeld; which is produced by 0one Games and sold through various outlets -- including Iron Crown Enterprises and Your Games Now.  However, the PCs have seen the good and are expecting the good of the Feudal System, I think its time to introduce the Bad.

The Feudal System, in Collusion with the Church of Medieval times, suppressed learning and literacy. The Church kept all the knowledge of science to itself, and promulgated fallacies that are largely disproved today.  The Feudal System also placed humankind into at least three different social castes, with some divided further.

They are

Those who War: which included the Nobility.  Knights, Princes, Lords, Earls, Barons, Marque's, and Kings.  Those who pray: included the priests of the Church as well as the monks.  And those who toil: which includes everyone else.

During Medieval Times, there was incessant warfare.  No body knew what year it was.  The best inventions of the day was the waterwheel and the windmill.  Knowledge of the Gastrophetes, the Ballistae, the Scorpion, and other inventions were lost.  Basic knowledge of Art and Science was lost too.  There were no steam engines, no robots, no computers, nothing of the Wonders of Archimedes or the Helenic Age.  The only relic of the forgotten Helenic Age that was produced in quantity was the Astrolabe -- an invention of Hypatia of Alexandria.

The Medieval Period was marked by a very powerful Dark Age.  There were no prophets, no apostles, no evangelists, no Seventy, no ministers, no deacons, no teachers, and no high priests, or patriarchs.  Kings ruled by Divine Right, something that would be tested against the Church by King Henry VIII (Henry Tudor II?). The system was unjust, since it give a lot of rights to the nobility and the priestly caste.  The people on the bottom had problems.

The Feudal System didn't truly break down until the Crusades of Europe against the "Saracens."  The Crusades was the beginning of the break down, and who would have known that the Pope at the time was contributing to the destruction of his system?

However, the Feudal System was lent a heavy blow during the Black Plague.  When the Black Plague struck Europe, everyone -- Christians, Jews, and Pagans alike; cried for deliverance and a "Restitution" of their world.

After the first and second waves of the plague, however, things did turn upside down. What the people didn't realize that when you ask for a restitution of your world -- YOU GET IT!  Although it took a full generation, through Danse Macabre generation, the Renaissance started as Indian artists and their intelligentsia migrated into Italy to escape oppression.  Although it really ended in during the American Revolution -- the Feudal System broke down.  After all, the Black Plague killed one third of the Population of Europe.  And not one class of people were spared.  The black plague killed villein, freeman, merchant, nobles, kings, and priests.

Not too soon was the Discovery* of America, the colonizing of the New World, the First Revival in the Colonies, the second Revival; and the hundreds of inventions and rediscovered science of the Helenic Age.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  The Medieval system is a terrible system to be under.  If you were born a free man or a noble, you had privileges.  However, even nobles were vassals to someone else.

Villeiny vs. Freedom

There was two distinctions in the lower classes from the nobility, and that was being a Villein or a Freeman.  A villein -- from which our word villain comes from -- is essentially a man in serfdom or more properly, in slavery.  The legal definition of villein depends on a number of points.  If all of them were true, you'd be considered a villein.  The children of villeins are villeins by birth.  That's just the way it is. Villeins were to perform labor services, apparently without limit.  They also couldn't marry without paying a merchet tax.  Women in villeiny that were caught in fornication had to pay a fine known as the leyrwite. During the Middle Ages, about a tenth of the population of the countryside engaged in illicit sex, simply because they can't afford to get married, which is tragic (marriage shouldn't be taxed, even in the real world, but it is). Villeins can be sold by their lord to other freemen.  Anything they own is considered their lord's property, and they hold their land only at his whim.  Villeins can be evicted from their land by their lord without apparent warning.  Villeiny is one of the bad things about the Middle Ages.

Repressed Opportunity to Learn

The Second bad thing about the Middle Ages is the repressed opportunity to learn.  Who ever controlled the government at that time (the Pope?) felt that knowledge was power so they repressed learning.  By repressing learning, they could control the masses.  If the masses are kept in ignorance, it makes it better to control them.  For almost a thousand years, the Church kept a monopoly on freedom and taught the masses through medieval friezes and morality plays.  However, progress was made, with Guttenberg inventing the Printing Press, the Church's monopoly on Learning was broken.  It took one printing press, one expedition to China, and one religious Reformation to break the stranglehold of the Church on Learning.  Repression of Learning is another bad thing about the Middle Ages.

Incessant Warfare

King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt, 1415
By John Gilbert (1817–97)[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

 Warfare was incessant in the Middle Ages.  Well, actually, its incessant now.  War was once a religious ceremony of mass missionary work and evangelizing of a people that didn't believe in your religion.  In the Middle Ages, as now, Warfare is fought for economic and political reasons.  However, war was regulated by the Church.  The purpose for the Church to regulate war was to protect the lives and property of the non-combatants in the war.  At least, I believe given the power of the Roman Catholic Church, that the Church wanted to reduce the collateral damage of War in Europe.  However, it doesn't reduce the human impact.  War, after all, is used to reduce the population of human beings in Medieval Europe.  And most everywhere else.

Feudalism in Roleplaying Games

Most Roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons, Rolemaster, the Palladium Roleplaying Game RuneQuest, and Pendragon; assume a Medieval Fantasy gaming environment.  The Fantasy of being a knight that saves the princess and slays the dragon is a very powerful one.  Especially since you have Tolkien's stories to work off of and the imagination of many other fantasy authors. Most fantasy worlds do not really explain how feudal systems work.  The best works to get started on this subject, of recreating a realistic medieval environment for your games are King Arthur Pendragon for the Nobility side of the Feudal System, Harn: A Real Fantasy World by Columbia Games, Ars Magica, and the Ars Magica supplement Heirs to Merlin to show the other sides of the feudal system.

And there are a lot of books you can go to and read up on Feudal Europe.  However, if Feudal Europe isn't something you don't want to portray to your players, there are several other settings you can use.  Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Celts, Biblical Palestine (i.e. the Kingdoms of Israel), and the forgotten Age of Seventy Nations.  There is also the time of the 3 Musketeers, the time of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, etc.  There are endless other settings you can use for Roleplaying fodder.

But note, brave is the GM that lifts the veil of Feudalism and shows it to his players.  In all of its glory -- both ugly and beauty.  The Medieval World is well documented in History, a lot of historians have written about the Medieval World.  You can get anything on that time period from recipes to eating menus to military history.  Go to the Library, surf the web, there is a wealth of information for the GM/DM use in his games.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Official

I've joined the CGSociety. Why did I do it?  to improve.  You can only improve so far on the DAZ forums and Renderosity.  Especially when I've been "kicked out" for speaking out against abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The men and women in the CGSociety will help me improve my art from the get go.

Besides, I'm tired of doing lacklustre renders and having people go -- "WOW!"  I've been doing that for nearly three years and it's time to grow. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Unexpected Allies

Unexpected Allies by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

The Terran-Illithid War rages on in the Galaxy! On an industrial planet under British Control, two people make a stand against invading Mind Flayers. They are a human female and a BKEO2K10. Unlikely allies, as the BKEO2K10 series are living androids and the humans that encountered them didn't accept them; they are thrown together for a common cause. Defeat of the Mind Flayer Empire in the Milky Way Galaxy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drow Priestess

Not very safe for work, you know. :)

Drow Priestess by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Just a Drow Priestess of Eilistraee. :D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What does a Rolemaster Session look like?

Today, I thought I'd test my players on how well they work together.  Here are the results:

(32340) DM: :fade in
(32340) DM: (( Thanks for Ramien to point out my mistake)
(32340) DM: You are in the sitting room of Rayne's manor house. Kale is upstairs, recooperating.
(32340) DM: The room is mostly blue and red, with some expensive purple. The carpet rug looks like it was imported from Tethyr.
** (32354) Kyrgan looks around and wonders how anyone can go without fur and dirt floors. **
** (32352) Maria is a little calmer but sullen. She normally is perky and fun but she was not in the mood. Her mind seems to be elsewhere at the moment. **
** (32331) Ramian kicks his legs up onto a table, leaning back in the chair he's sitting in, looking around at the expensive purple colors. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Minka safe? Likes claw wood."
** (32340) Rayne's servant girl comes in with some food. "Master Rayne is out at the moment, but he told me to make sure you were fed," she explained. **
(32340) DM: She sets down a tray of beef, apples, bread, and cheese.
(32354) Kyrgan"Food good. Rabbit?"
(32340) DM: The servant girl looks at Kyrgan with a blank face.
** (32354) Kyrgan looks for the rabbit .... but doesn't see any. Just food for king ones. **
** (32331) Ramian reaches over and snatches an apple. "I think he's asking if you've got any rabbit meat around." **
** (32354) Kyrgan nods  **
(32340) Servant Girl: Oh, rabbit meat! That would be up to the gameskeeper.
** (32352) Maria 's mood has not affected her hunger. She begins eating some of the food in somewhat medium portions though she is willing to share with the others without being asked. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Rabbit good. Try funny red things."
(32352) Maria"Thank you for taking Uncle Kale into your home Ramien. I do not know how I am going to pay you back though.
(32352) Maria"
** (32352) Maria looks gratefully at Ramien. **
(32331) Ramian((Rayne's home.))
** (32354) Kyrgan reaches out and gets an apple and sniffs it. **
(32352) Maria((Okay strike the last comment.))
(32340) DM: The servant girl courtseys and says, "I better go check to see if the gameskeeper has any rabbits.
(32340) DM: She leaves the room for several minutes.
** (32331) Ramian takes a bite of his apple, looking over at the door. **
** (32354) Kyrgan looks at Ramian to see how to eat an apple. **
** (32352) Maria asks, "Did any of you see who might have attacked Uncle Kale?" **
** (32331) Ramian eats his apple like most other people, starting in one spot and working his way around the core. **
** (32354) Kyrgan sees that it appears you bite into it and takes a huge bite nearly consuming the entire apple ...... **
** (32331) Ramian swallows the bit of apple. "I did see a suspicious looking person dart into an alleyway. Wore a wooden mask." **
(32340) DM: There is a knock at the front door.
(32352) Maria"What kind of mask?"
** (32331) Ramian shrugs and swings his legs off the table, standing to move to the front door. "I didn't get too good of a look." **
** (32354) Kyrgan is still chewing and sweet apple bits drip down his chin. **
** (32331) Ramian opens the front door. **
** (32352) Maria keeps eating while thinking to herself. **
** (32354) Kyrgan looks at the door after the knock. **
(32340) DM: Standing at the front door is a lovely thing in a cape, holding a dead rabbit.
(32340) DM: I'm Maeg, the gameskeeper. Someone wanted a rabbit?
(32352) Maria"Was the suspicious looking person wearing red?"
** (32331) Ramian blinks and looks at the rabbit. "The orc over at the table, ma'am." He says, gesturing to Kyrgan. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Wrathhhh bits ... Yesh me like."
** (32340) Maeg walks in, and sets the rabbit down.  **
(32340) Maeg: You'll have to cook it, orc man.
(32354) Kyrgan"Much thank"
** (32354) Kyrgan hands the rabbit to Minka. **
** (32331) Ramian closes the door and walks back to his seat, kicking his legs back up. "Not red. Black robes. But the mask was leather, now that I think about it. Black and red. **
(32354) Kyrgan"My time hunt."
** (32352) Maria takes a moment to think. **
(32340) Maeg: You watch out, though. There's been something killing our livesta;k.
(32340) Maeg: livestalk.
** (32331) Ramian stands up again. "Forgot something... Everyone here like dogs?" **
** (32354) Kyrgan frowns. **
** (32331) Ramian raises an eyebrow. "Dogs that won't attack cats?" **
** (32352) Maria shrugs. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Minka not like puppy. I like, but Minka get mad .... try tell not hurt."
** (32331) Ramian chuckles to himself. "This should be interesting..." **
** (32354) Kyrgan starts growling at Minka **
(32354) KyrganThen shakes his finger at Minka .... 
(32340) Maeg: Well, I better go hunt the beast. Its my priority.
(32354) Kyrgan"Kyrgan help?"
** (32331) Ramian walks over to the front door, opens it, and lets out a sharp whistle. He leans up against the door frame and looks outside for a few moments, after which a large, grey wolf bounds out of the bushes and stands in the doorway. **
(32340) Maeg: It's a pretty mean beast. Someone said it's a black panther.
** (32352) Maria continues eating and looks at Maeg with interest but only a mild interest. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Grahhhhf Kyrgan not fraid."
(32340) Maeg: Very well.
** (32354) Kyrgan keeps his hand on Minka's shoulder and petting her when the wolf arrives. **
(32331) Ramian"A black panther, huh?"
** (32331) Ramian reaches down and scratches the wolf behind the ears. **
(32340) Maeg: That's what they say, although I've seen some of our cattle being eaten.
(32354) Kyrgan"Fur soft?"
(32340) Maeg: Bitten and eaten.
(32354) Kyrgan"Cat not hunt way that."
** (32331) Ramian eyes his wolf for a moment, then looks back up at Maeg. "I'm good at that sort of thing. I can help you find it, if you'd like." **
(32340) Maeg: All the help I can get, the better.
** (32331) Ramian escorts the wolf into the manor and shuts the door, walking back to his seat. He takes a bit of beef off the platter and tosses it to the wolf, who nimbly catches it with a snap of it's jaw. It begins chewing on it beside Ramian's chair. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Kyrgan help. Not like bad eat animal ones."
** (32331) Ramian rubs the side of his face in thought. "Well, if you wanted to go now, I suppose Eonna and I can eat on the way." **
(32340) Maeg: It's kind of important that I start.
(32354) Kyrgan"Go now then ....?
(32331) Ramian"Well, the orc wants to come. How about you?" He nods his head to Maria.
** (32354) Kyrgan starts grabbing food for the road. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Name Kyrgan"
** (32352) Maria looks at Ramian in surprise, "Me?" **
(32340) Maeg: Maeg, pronounced "meg" as in "nutmeg."
(32354) Kyrgan"Come too? See outside place."
** (32331) Ramian shrugs. "Unless you'd rather stay here. I think you're smart enough to keep out of trouble." **
(32354) Kyrgan"Gud Meat Meg."
(32340) Maeg: uh, thank you.
** (32354) Kyrgan tries another toothy smile. **
** (32331) Ramian stands up from his seat again. "Nice to meet you, Maeg. I'm Ramian." He says, looking over at his wolf and jerking his head to the side. The wolf stands with the beef in it's mouth and falls in line. **
(32340) Maeg: Nice to meet you both. As for you . . . * to Maria.*
(32352) Maria"Well I am Maria.
(32352) Maria"
(32340) Maeg: Are you with the two men?
** (32354) Kyrgan watches Minka as she tears all the fur off the rabbit and starts eating .... **
** (32352) Maria looks up to where Uncle Kale is and says, "Will he be okay?": **
(32340) Maeg: He will be okay.
(32340) Maeg: The beast doesn't approach the manor.
** (32354) Kyrgan growls something and Minka responds with a growl but takes the rabbit off the rug to eat. **
** (32352) Maria shrugs and says, "Okay if you do not mind bringing a 9 year old along. I guess I can help." **
** (32331) Eonna watches Minka intently. **
(32352) Maria"And by the way, Although I may not be entirely sure, that suspicious character you saw near the alley, he might be one of Manshoon's Blackcloaks."
(32354) Kyrgan"You help find ."
(32352) Maria"Although I might be wrong and even though I know a little about Manshoon and the kind of man he is...."
** (32352) Maria shrugs. **
(32331) Ramian"Can't say I've heard of them."
(32354) Kyrgan"Kyrgan not meat."
(32352) Maria"Have you heard about Manshoon?"
(32331) Ramian"Not that I recall."
(32340) Maeg: Well, Maria, you can come along if you want to, but it might be very dangerous.
** (32352) Maria shrugs, "The leader of the Zhentarim? Well anyways I have nothing else to do so I guess I can come along. I have a few skills that might help." **
(32354) Kyrgan"Where go black cat be find some?"
(32340) Maeg: I think into the forest or even into the moors.
** (32340) Maeg gets a torch, and lights it on fire. **
(32331) Ramian"Where are the cattle it's been eating? Might be able to start from there."
(32340) Maeg: Out in the pasture, this way.
** (32352) Maria cleans herself up and slings her backpack on her back. **
** (32340) Maeg walks out of the manor. **
** (32352) Maria then will follow the others. **
** (32331) Ramian follows Maeg, eating his apple. **
** (32354) Kyrgan thinks to see if he has heard of Zhentarim. **
whispering to Kyrgan, make a lore check at -50.
** (32354) Kyrgan grabs a sack of food and follows. **
** (32340) Maeg closes the door. **
(32340) Maeg: (transition to . . . 
(32340) DM: EXT. PASTURE -- DUSK
(32331) Ramian((brb))
(32340) DM: You see the dead cattle, lying in the ground. Just one, a bull. It's throat has been bitten out and it looks like it has no muscle.
(32331) Ramian((Back))
** (32352) Maria pulls out her dagger and closely examines the wound. She does not touch the dead beast, using her dagger to pick at the wound as she tries to determine what kind of animal did this. **
** (32331) Ramian inspects the corpse to see if it was, indeed, a black panther. **
** (32354) Kyrgan studies the dead animal  **
(32340) Maeg: This is how they are found.
** (32331) Ramian frowns and looks around the area for any tracks. **
(32331) Ramian[1d100+7] => [75,7] = (82)
** (32331) Ramian moves over to some faint tracks he finds, crouching down and looking at them to see where they lead. **
(32352) Maria"Well I cannot tell if this was a panther or a wolf."
** (32354) Kyrgan has been observing everything about the dead animal and not saying anything yet **
(32354) KyrganObservation [1d100+15] => [76,15] = (91)
(32352) Maria"Do you know what did this Kyrgan?"
(32354) Kyrgan"Me think still sum."
(32331) Ramian[1d100+45] => [79,45] = (124)
(32367) Beau (enter): 19:29
(32340) DM: Ramien finds that the tracks do lead into the woods.
** (32354) Kyrgan glances sharply to left and points .... "Thing there ... dark." **
(32340) DM: Hello, Beau.
** (32331) Ramian looks to the direction Kyrgan is pointing. **
** (32354) Kyrgan gets his bow out and readies it. **
** (32331) Ramian also gets out his bow, standing and readying an arrow. **
(32354) Kyrgan"There by rock shape dark sum think there ..."
** (32352) Maria moves closer but not as close as Ramian. She has her dagger ready just in case. **
** (32331) Ramian looks toward the direction Kyrgan is pointing, trying to make out the shape he sees. **
(32340) Maeg: That was quick.
** (32354) Kyrgan thinks and reaches in his sack and tosses some of the meat he brought to eat in the direction of the shape. **
(32340) DM: You here some growling.
(32354) Kyrgan"See .... hear sum there now."
** (32354) Kyrgan moves slightly right trying to get a better view. **
(32331) Ramian"Guess we managed to interrupt it's hunting time."
** (32331) Ramian moves in the direction opposite of Kyrgan, keeping his bow readied and pointed toward the shape. **
** (32352) Maria backs away, keeping behind Ramian, "Be careful." **
(32340) DM: A coyote comes out of the brush, picks up the beef and looks at you.
(32340) DM: * you thought that would be too easy? *
(32331) Ramian"That's not a panther..."
** (32354) Kyrgan tries to shoot the coyote who is stealing his dinner. **
(32340) DM: Roll an attack roll, and add your offensive bonus.
** (32352) Maria watches but stands at the ready. **
(32372) Calchexas (enter): 19:41
(32372) Calchexas (exit): 19:41
(32373) Ambrose (enter): 19:42
(32340) DM: Hello, Ambrose.
(32373) Ambrosehi
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100+81] => [75,81] = (156) 
(32340) DM: You struck him, Critical Strike E.
(32340) DM: Roll another 1d100
(32354) Kyrgan(( sorry for the delay, but still very green about how stuff works ))
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100] => [24] = (24)
(32340) DM: You struck the poor coyote in the side of his body, missing any vital organs but causing him to bleed.
** (32340) Maeg looks at Kyrgan with eyes of surprise. **
** (32354) Kyrgan charges the coyote **
(32367) Beau: Disconnecting from server...
(32367) Beau (exit): 19:49
** (32340) The coyote is down on the ground with a yelp, and whimpering. **
(32352) Maria"Kyrgan stop!"
** (32331) Ramian curses under his breath and lowers his bow, walking over to the Coyote. **
** (32340) Maeg starts smiling at Kyrgan. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Unkraska syngrethka ..." 
** (32352) Maria approaches as well. **
** (32354) Kyrgan brings his blade down on the coyote to take his life and release its spirit. **
(32340) DM: Kyrgan, that will require a moving manuever.
(32340) DM: +30
(32352) Maria"Kyrgan!"
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100+30] => [55,30] = (85) ??
(32340) DM: You kill it.
(32340) DM: There's blood everywhere on your blade.
** (32352) Maria throws her hands up in exasperation, "Was that really necessary?" **
** (32331) Ramian frowns and sighs a bit, but walks back to the tracks he found earlier, crouching back down and trying to see what made them. **
(32331) Ramian[1d100+45] => [33,45] = (78)
** (32354) Kyrgan lifts his blade toward the sky "Ingrakaske" then lowers it and kneels beside the dead coyote looking sad. **
** (32352) Maria 's face softens a little and says, "Well I hope that was the real killer." **
(32354) Kyrgan"Much sorry proud hunter .... spirit strong you."
** (32354) Kyrgan looks at Maria ... "Not be this one hunt ." **
(32387) Robert (enter): 19:56
** (32354) Kyrgan retrieves his meal  **
(32340) DM: Welcome Robert.
(32387) Robhi there
** (32354) Kyrgan goes back to looking around the area **
(32331) Ramian"No, I don't think the coyote was responsible. These are large tracks, feline. They lead into the woods."
(32331) Ramian"I'd say leopard."
** (32340) Maeg is looking at Kyrgan with bright, googoo eyes. **
(32340) Maeg: Huh, did you say something, Ramien?
(32352) Maria"Then we killed that coyote for nothing."
** (32331) Ramian peers up at Maeg and just shakes his head. "Tracks. Leopard. Woods." **
** (32354) Kyrgan turns to look at Ramian .... "Cat big?" **
(32340) Maeg: Oh, right. . . 
(32331) Ramian"Around two hundred pounds."
(32354) Kyrgan"Go find yes.?"
** (32331) Ramian looks down at the tracks and follows the trail. **
** (32354) Kyrgan seems clueless about Maeg's looks **
** (32352) Maria follows Ramian. **
** (32354) Kyrgan goes back and gets his bow first and then follows after Ramian **
(32340) Maeg: Maeg bounds after Kyrgan.
(32340) DM: (transition too . . . 
** (32352) Maria picls up a large branch. she then touches the top of it and suddenly it catches fire. **
(32352) Maria"I think we are dealing with a jaguar, a large one.
(32352) Maria"
(32340) DM: The woods are thick, and full of trees. The night is turning to a deep blue, and the evening star is out.
** (32354) Kyrgan squints as the light appears but nods approval. **
(32331) Ramian"I'd sa a leopard. But we'll see."
(32331) RamianSay*
(32340) DM: Maeg is still looking at Kyrgan.
(32354) Kyrgan"Kyrgan not see cat big like "
(32340) Maeg: Oh, what aim!
** (32340) Maeg says that sexily. **
** (32354) Kyrgan looks at Maeg .... What think?" **
** (32354) Kyrgan shrugs .... "Always take aim first hunt." **
(32340) Maeg: Are you married?
(32354) Kyrgan"Marred? Kyrgan not have scar much yet."
** (32331) Ramian continues following the tracks, trying to listen intently for any sounds, and for some reason finding it difficult. **
** (32340) Maeg blinks in frustration and cluelessness. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Much help Ramian cat find yes?"
(32387) Rob (exit): 20:10
** (32340) Maeg continues to swoon. * what muscles!* she murmurs. **
** (32352) Maria rolls her eyes at Maeg's crush. **
** (32354) Kyrgan scratches his head **
(32354) Kyrgan"Look funny .... like other female Kyrgan talk."
(32340) Maeg: Then you hear a growl.
(32340) DM: Then you hear a growl. ggggrrrrrrdddll.
** (32354) Kyrgan turns toward the growl **
** (32352) Maria stops and tries to ascertain the direction the growl came from. **
** (32331) Ramian stops and readies his bow, notching an arrow and turning toward the sound. **
** (32340) Maeg quickly gains her composure. **
(32340) Maeg: Sounds as if its close.
(32354) Kyrgan"Yessss."
** (32354) Kyrgan gets his bow ready **
** (32331) Ramian looks around, trying to listen for movement. **
(32340) DM: Then some brushing in the trees, as if something is passing in the brush.
** (32352) Maria backs away from the brushing. **
** (32354) Kyrgan tries to ask Maria if she can toss light there. **
(32354) Kyrgan"light throw?"
(32331) Ramian[1d100+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(32331) Ramian((*Kicks the dice across the room*))
(32340) DM: (( Settle down, Ramien. ))
** (32331) Ramian readies his bow and aims it toward the brush. **
(32331) Ramian((Hmm? Oh, I was kidding. :P))
(32340) DM: you hear the growling again!
** (32352) Maria points to the brush and then stops herself. She says, "Not without causing a forest fire." **
(32331) Ramian[1d100+5] => [13,5] = (18)
(32354) Kyrgan"Ok ..."
(32352) Maria[1d100-3] => [76,-3] = (73)
(32354) Kyrgan(( no idea where my init is ))
(32331) Ramian((1d100 + quickness modifier.))
(32340) DM: (( 1d100 + quickness bonus ))
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100+3] => [63,3] = (66)
(32340) DM: Rolls -- 1d100+10
(32340) DM: [1d100+10] => [58,10] = (68)
(32340) DM: Okay, Maria, Thing, Kyrgan, Bladecutter, Maeg
(32340) DM: Maria, you are first.
** (32352) Maria concentrates hard and points in the direction of the growling. Suddenly an opaque wall of fire appears in front of the bushes where the growling came from. The little girl is sweating a little. **
(32340) DM: You hear a major growl and the thing runs down to the other end of the wall to the front of Ramien.
** (32354) Kyrgan winces as the light gets brighter but at least now he can see the thing better. **
(32340) DM: The thing appears and it's . . . .
(32340) DM: A Dire Lion -- Panthera Leo Atrox.
(32352) Maria((No one is curious as to how a 9 year old is able to create fire like this?))
(32354) Kyrgan(( I am ... but now is not the time to ask ))
(32331) Ramian((More concerned with the dire lion at the moment. Those things are supposedly quite nasty.))
(32354) KyrganBRB
(32340) DM: (( Right when it's Kyrgan's turn . . . ))
(32340) DM: 1. . .
(32340) DM: 2 . . . 
(32340) DM: 3 . . . .
(32340) DM: 4 . . . 
(32340) DM: 5 . . . 
(32340) DM: 6 . . . 
(32340) DM: 7 . . . 
(32340) DM: 8 . . . 
(32340) DM: 9 . . . 
(32340) DM: 10 . . . 
(32340) DM: Ramien, it's your turn.
(32340) DM: the leo atrox looks like it's about to leap at you.
(32340) DM:
** (32331) Ramian pulls back on his bowstring, firing off an arrow at the lion. **
(32331) Ramian[1d100+65] => [21,65] = (86)
(32340) DM: You miss.
(32340) DM: Maeg moves in front of Maria, holding her sword out. "Ramien, watch out!"
(32354) Kyrgan(( back ))
(32340) DM: Maria, it's your turn.
(32340) DM: Kyrgan, you were too stunned by the fire to do anything.
** (32331) Ramian drops his bow and draws his longsword from it's leather scabbard at his belt. **
** (32352) Maria points her palm at the beast and suddenly a bolt of fire shoots out towards the creature. **
** (32354) Kyrgan is aiming for a head shot if he gets a chance **
(32354) Kyrgan"How you do? Shaman be?"
(32352) Maria[1d100+20] => [66,20] = (86)
(32340) DM: Total of 66 . . . and Maria hits the lion with a flash of firey light!
(32340) DM: Maria scores a CRITICAL STRIKE "C"
(32352) Maria[1d100] => [62] = (62)
(32340) DM: The lion, knowing its in trouble, turns and hits blasted in the side. It gets knocked down and yeowls! It loses it's turn this round. Which means, Kyrgan, you can do something.
(32340) DM: Whats gross is the smell of burning animal flesh.
** (32354) Kyrgan tries to end this fast with a well placed head shot. **
(32340) DM: Kyrgan, the lion's 15 feet away from you.
** (32354) Kyrgan switches to his sword and rushes forward in his attempt to end this quickly. **
(32340) DM: Ramien, you can do something as he rushes forward.
(32340) DM: Everything is as it is in slow motion . . .
** (32331) Ramian picks up his bow and notches an arrow, firing it off at the lion. **
(32340) DM: make that strike.
(32331) Ramian[1d100+65] => [78,65] = (143)
(32340) DM: Ramien scores a Critical strike! "E"!
(32331) Ramian[1d100] => [18] = (18)
** (32354) Kyrgan swings his sword hard  **
(32340) DM: You rattle the lion's teeth as you puncture it'sjaw.
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100+61] => [47,61] = (108)
(32340) DM: And Kyrgan scores a critical strike! "B"
(32340) DM: Roll another 1d100
(32354) Kyrgan[1d100] => [35] = (35)
(32340) DM: Both ramien and Kyrgan dispatch the dire lion, killing it.
(32340) DM: The beast has been killed, although that's just one dire lion. Who knows if there are others?
** (32352) Maria looks a little tired and sweaty. She is not too bad. But she seems fine. More or less like she did a little jog for a while that she was not used to. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Ongaraske!"
** (32331) Ramian picks up his sword and sheathes it, walking over to the dire lion to retrieve arrows. **
(32352) MariaShe waves her hand and the wall of fire disappears.
(32340) DM: And there this something else . . . the wall of fire, before it disappeared, set the needles of the trees on fire.
** (32354) Kyrgan wipes the blood from his blade on the lion **
(32354) Kyrgan"Water .... trees light."
(32352) Maria((Still no one is curious as to how a 9 year old is able to create fire as easily as she can?))
(32354) Kyrgan"Shaman water bring?"
(32331) Ramian((He's curious, but he'll ask later.))
** (32331) Ramian moves to the base of the tree, taking off his cloak and slapping at the flames with it to try and put them out. **
(32340) DM: The fire is quickly spreading.
** (32354) Kyrgan tries to help put out the fire **
(32354) Kyrgan"Fire out liddle one?"
(32340) DM: Ramien, you can put out the fire with a moving manuever. Currently it's light. +10.
(32331) Ramian[1d100+10] => [87,10] = (97)
(32340) DM: Ramien manages to put out the wild fire in time before it grew totally out of control.
(32352) Maria"Sorry guys. I was trying to protect us from the beast."
** (32331) Ramian puts his damaged cloak into his pack, moving back toward the rest of the group. "I'm curious, how are you able to control magic so young?" **
(32354) Kyrgan"How you hot much?"
(32340) Maeg: Well, it looks like the beast has been defeated.
(32354) Kyrgan"One beast. Hope more not."
(32331) Ramian"It's possible there are more."
(32352) Maria"I am a magician. And I love books and knowledge. I just learned to control it better than even some adults older than me."
(32340) Maeg: Well . . . I'm impressed.
(32354) Kyrgan"You hot throw gud. Not think you do."
(32340) DM: You all notice at the scorch mark that the wall of fire left.
** (32331) Ramian nods to Maria. "Must be why you're not really like other little girls I've seen around that village." **
(32340) Maeg: We should be heading back to the manor home. It looks like the crisis is abated.
** (32352) Maria looks down sadly and just shrugs, "I do have limitations though. And I used up a lot of my spellpower." **
** (32352) Maria nods and follows the others whereever they choose to go. **
** (32331) Ramian offers Maria a smile. "You'll get better. Takes practice." **
** (32331) Ramian heads off back to the manor house. **
(32373) Ambrose: Disconnecting from server...
(32373) Ambrose (exit): 21:09
** (32354) Kyrgan just asks .... "Power spell? Fine back go now see how man do." **
** (32352) Maria smiles back. **
(32340) Maeg: [transition to . . .
(32354) Kyrgan"Need drink .... food too. Think all yes?"
(32340) Maeg: You are all exhausted .
(32340) Maeg: And your clothes and hair smell of smoke.
** (32352) Maria goes up to Kale's room and checks up on him. **
(32331) Ramian"Water would be wonderful, actually."
** (32331) Ramian walks back to his seat and leans his bow up against the wall, picking up another apple. **
** (32354) Kyrgan thinks the smell is fairly normal .... but doesn't like the smoke smell as much. **
(32340) Maeg: I'll see to it that you all get baths. Private or communal?
(32354) Kyrgan"How smoke out?"
** (32352) Maria returns to the others and plops down on one of the chairs tired. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Bath!"
(32331) Ramian"I don't see why Kyrgan and I can't take a communal, but Maria will need a private one, more than likely."
(32354) Kyrgan"Smoke out bath?"
(32340) Maeg: Okay. The bathroom is down the hall.
(32331) Ramian"Yes Kyrgan, the smoke will go away with a bath."
(32340) Maeg: Yes, of course, Kyrgan.
(32352) Maria"I would like a private one thank you."
** (32354) Kyrgan thinks a moment and then nods. **
** (32331) Ramian sets the apple back down without biting into it, walking off towards the bath. **
(32354) Kyrgan"Kyrgan bath now .... " ~ takes shiort off as he heads down the hall.
(32340) Maeg: : fade out
(32340) Elton: Great place to put an end to this one.

That is the game today.  Everyone had fun, although Kyrgan feels like he was slowing the game down.  However, three hours isn't bad for an episode on T.V. translated to an RP session.  Even if I used 4e. I posted a summary on Candlekeep it you want to see how it turned out without reading all this text. 

To those who have players who won't play RM, and Greywulf; show your players this session log.  They may get excited to play Rolemaster. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Serpent Kingdoms, Take 2

What happens when your girlfriend sends you a second copy of Serpent Kingdoms?  You use it in your Rolemaster campaign, of course!  Although this one, I may put into a bank storage box. Or not.

As you know, my girlfriend sent me Serpent Kingdoms for my birthday.  I already have a copy of the book, but since she sent it to me, I thought to myself -- why not use it?  The adventures in it can be used.  I think all of them can be used anywhere in the realms.  I just need to convert the Monsters in the book to RM stats and I can get started.  The first I think I'll do is the Yaun-ti Holy Guardian.

Yaun-ti Holy Guardian
Level: 12C
Base Move: 50
Max Pace: Run
Moving Maneuver Bonus: +10
Speed (MS/AQ): MD/FA
Size/Crit: M/--
Hits: 52C
AT(DB): 3(+5)
Attack: +40SBi30/+35MGr70/+25cb/+30scim/poison
# Enc.: 1-12
Treasure: k
Bonus XP: E
Outlook(IQ): Protect(VH)

Habitat: wCJE#-5

Description: the Yaun-ti Holy Guardian is found in Serpent Kingdoms and use combat as written.  The poison is like rattlesnake poison, a hemotoxin.  It's a 3rd level muscle poison.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Copyright TAX

To keep something in Copyright beyond a reasonable amount of time, individuals and corporations must pay a tax in order to keep something in copyright.  The U.S. Constitution grants authors, artists, and inventors the right to profit from their creations for a limited amount of time.

I say, a Copyright Tax is the best solution to those who use the Internet and who want Copyright to continue beyond a reasonable amount of time.  Copyright is nothing more than a Government-sponsored monopoly over something that is created. The Government might find it a good thing to tax corporations on as far as Copyright goes (its another source of revenue). Copyright should be granted for free to up to five years, then to continue Copyright protection by the Government, the corporation or individual should be taxed an amount of money each year.  The tax would rise Arithmetically (if it's $50 dollars one year and the law says it should rise by $5 dollars for every year after that, it's $55 dollars the next and so on) in order to keep the upkeep on the Copyright.

Also, the government will charge individuals, estates, and corporations retroactively once the law is passed.  This forces much of our culture into the public domain.  It won't break our rampant consumerism, but it will slow it down by a lot.

What do you think, loyal readers?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Creativity, Copyright, and Education

You know, sometimes people force creativity.  It's something you can't do, really.  You try to squeeze an image out of your head and sometimes it just won't come together.  For the past few days, I was trying to think of an image that would say "thank you" for a thousand page views of one of my recent images.

Frankly the reason why I think it's so popular is because it showed a man's penis.  I think the thousand views it got was because I dared to show a penis in art.  Anyway, I don't think you can force creativity. Especially when you are in a rut and you are forcibly trying to think of something that says, "thank you for the one thousand page views in 3 days!"

Forcing an image out when creativity isn't flowing is almost like giving birth.  In other words, it's hard to squeeze a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon that is in a dam.  Nina Paley talked about how creativity is being stifled.  In fact, it is being stifled by our current copyright law.  A nation that prides itself on Free Speech gives corporations the power to limit our free speech by sponsoring government monopolies for an impossible amount of time.

This makes Copyright bad.  Since for extending copyright for an impossible limited length of time just so that a Corporation can continue to make money by locking away culture is evil.  It limits a man's creativity unless he is rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  And therefore, it limits Free Speech.  When you limit a man's creativity, you are limiting his ability to express himself.

A man who is cowed by ten years in jail or five years in jail cannot properly express himself so his creativity is stifled.  He becomes silent and works in the factory or the office at a job he can't do well. He makes a meager wage while Corporations who own all the culture collect all the profits.  Tell me for a second, what is wrong with this picture?

Current copyright law is one of the things responsible for our current, out of control consumerism.  Our economy is run by Corporations who own our culture and produce and say we must consume and consume!  Frankly, we are all victims of a system that is designed to kill our creativity.  I mean we are taught literacy in Math, Language, and Science while Music, Art, Drama, and Dance suffers.  I  mean, its true, the education system is designed to output college professors and droids who work in factories.

What we need to do is to specialize in creativity in school.  We have to teach creativity in school so that we can prepare for a future where man is allowed to do anything.  Secondly, we need to limit the time something is in cultural lockdown.  I say five years maximum for free, and then you tax the stupid corporation a tax that rises arithematically so that in time, it's more expensive to keep culture locked down than it is to release it into the public domain.

Thirdly, robots can do everything a human being can do in a factory.  Especially when it comes to making cars and aircraft.  Humans should be free to think and have free time to persue creative pursuits.   An adult can join a dance class, an acting company, or even produce art.  Or he even has time to play.

in the future, when we kill all the Moneychangers and destroy the Rothschildes and manage our resources more efficiently, man will have more free time to do anything he likes.  Frankly, I think we should prepare our children for that future than turn them all into college professors and lock down their speech.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Terran Illithid War!

This is technically the third render during the Terran Illithid War, but this image isn't ready yet.  I know you are curious about how I'm documenting the war.  It's not easy. :)  This is a Work in progress. I still have to add more figures to this.

This is a launch bay on the Starcarrier Enterprise.  Humanity has been fighting the dreaded Illithid Empire for forty years, and recent victories have allowed Earth to extend it's influence out 50 light years.  Here, the Enterprise is patrolling the American Controlled Liberty Region.  The year is 1982 A.D.

I'm planning on creating some uniforms using the body suits for M4 and V4.

I know you are dying to comment. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nina Paley speaks at Hackers on Planet Earth

HOPE, or Hackers on Planet Earth, had a conference recently that Nina Paley spoke at.  Being adventurous, I watched the entire thing on Vimeo.  Nina Paley spoke on Free Speech, and that is what the whole conference was about was free speech.

The main topic, however, was her adaptation of the Ramayana and why she released it for free distribution.  Incidentally, she listed all the money she was getting.  However, that wasn't the focus of her topic.  In her own words: "I discuss why I insisted on authentic songs, what is and is not property, how software is culture, the difference between Share Alike (copyleft) and other Creative Commons licenses, why I paid to legally license the old songs, how noncommercial copyright infringement is still illegal, legal costs, benefits of audience sharing & decentralized distribution, the Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire (, open-licensed merch, audience goodwill, how fans support artists, rivalrous vs. non-rivalrous goods, the Creator Endorsed Mark, migrating Flash files to open formats, gift income, commerce without monopolies, why I encourage legal sharing, and more."

Here is the video on youtube that shows nine minutes of excerpts from that talk.  Of course, if you are adventurous or have the attention span of someone who didn't watch television, here's the whole talk on Vimeo. :)

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