Friday, October 8, 2010

Serpent Kingdoms, Take 2

What happens when your girlfriend sends you a second copy of Serpent Kingdoms?  You use it in your Rolemaster campaign, of course!  Although this one, I may put into a bank storage box. Or not.

As you know, my girlfriend sent me Serpent Kingdoms for my birthday.  I already have a copy of the book, but since she sent it to me, I thought to myself -- why not use it?  The adventures in it can be used.  I think all of them can be used anywhere in the realms.  I just need to convert the Monsters in the book to RM stats and I can get started.  The first I think I'll do is the Yaun-ti Holy Guardian.

Yaun-ti Holy Guardian
Level: 12C
Base Move: 50
Max Pace: Run
Moving Maneuver Bonus: +10
Speed (MS/AQ): MD/FA
Size/Crit: M/--
Hits: 52C
AT(DB): 3(+5)
Attack: +40SBi30/+35MGr70/+25cb/+30scim/poison
# Enc.: 1-12
Treasure: k
Bonus XP: E
Outlook(IQ): Protect(VH)

Habitat: wCJE#-5

Description: the Yaun-ti Holy Guardian is found in Serpent Kingdoms and use combat as written.  The poison is like rattlesnake poison, a hemotoxin.  It's a 3rd level muscle poison.

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