Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nina Paley speaks at Hackers on Planet Earth

HOPE, or Hackers on Planet Earth, had a conference recently that Nina Paley spoke at.  Being adventurous, I watched the entire thing on Vimeo.  Nina Paley spoke on Free Speech, and that is what the whole conference was about was free speech.

The main topic, however, was her adaptation of the Ramayana and why she released it for free distribution.  Incidentally, she listed all the money she was getting.  However, that wasn't the focus of her topic.  In her own words: "I discuss why I insisted on authentic songs, what is and is not property, how software is culture, the difference between Share Alike (copyleft) and other Creative Commons licenses, why I paid to legally license the old songs, how noncommercial copyright infringement is still illegal, legal costs, benefits of audience sharing & decentralized distribution, the Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire (, open-licensed merch, audience goodwill, how fans support artists, rivalrous vs. non-rivalrous goods, the Creator Endorsed Mark, migrating Flash files to open formats, gift income, commerce without monopolies, why I encourage legal sharing, and more."

Here is the video on youtube that shows nine minutes of excerpts from that talk.  Of course, if you are adventurous or have the attention span of someone who didn't watch television, here's the whole talk on Vimeo. :)

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