Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Friend

I have met and made a new friend in Vicki Layne. Everyone else, as far as her conversion to Nudism goes, I have little in the way to worry about it. I don't think she's even a clothist. She skinnydips, sunbathes naked, and everything else. She's also not an exhibitionist, since she doesn't even exhibit her WoW avatar for the kinks of others.

I believe she's a "secret nudist." She'll be naked, but only in secret; without anyone watching. In otherwords, she's a nudist in a tortoise shell waiting for a good reason to burst out. She just needs the right social circumstance to try social nudity, and then I think she will try it like a fish to water. As it stands, I think she will only get naked for me.

I'll see how it goes with her, to see if she is open to trying it later. If she is, I'll invite her down here and try to see if we can get in on some nude Karaoke or a social skinnydip somewhere where we won't get in trouble. Maybe Diamond Fork.

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