Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Dreams last night.

I was setting up a campaign for Pathfinder that is really out of the fly without any preparation.  Until my prospective players said some things that really got my mind going.  But first -- my dreams.

It's not every night you dream a combination of a south pacific island with a progressive culture (New Zealand?), Bob Hope, monsters, frog people, jets, and conspiracies.  For that actually happened.

I was dreaming last night that something weird was going on at an island on the South Pacific that has to do with frogmen that were trying to infiltrate the government using replicants out of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Bladerunner) and themselves.  Bob Hope found out about it and tried to convince the authorities, who brushed him off.  He got me to investigate with him and we investigated a cave with higher tech inside it than normal.  Of course, we were driven off by mechanical, monstrous bulls (or was it a dog?).

Still, the frog people revealed themselves and they tried to take over the world.  We were going to fly some jets to find out what was happening but then . . . *shrugs.*  I woke up.

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