Saturday, October 1, 2011

The First Day of October

and it has been quite a week.

This is the fourth day I used my new MacBook that I received from school.  The MacBook is an old stock that comes loaded with some programs -- Adobe CS5 and Office 2008.  As such, my old MacBook Pro still works satisfactorily and I networked both of them together.

As I use my MacBook for school and work, the pro has taken on a role for rendering.  As I have them networked together, I can play my iTunes library on my new mac while using DAZ Studio on the other, just to show off.

Also, on this day, General Conference is supposed to convene.  I am waiting for baited breath, not on what they say.  But on what would happen.  The Father or the Christ are going to cause the Salt Lake Valley to shake and shake violently.

The Parowan Prophet says its supposed to happen today, since its the third year of Obama's reign in the White House (yes, I say reign).  I believe the Prophet, but I believe Christ.  Christ has his own time table as to when this happens.  Whether Salt Lake City shakes today or next year, it doesn't matter really on the Prophet's veracity as a prophet.  His primary job is to warn the people of our sins and abominations.

1/10/2011 @ 4:35 am   And not many days away and Salt Lake City shall shake violently and another river shall appear and flow into the valley. Not the Jordan River from Utah County. But a new river shall begin small and become a large river.
“Say that Salt Lake City shall soon be shaken back to its foundations. Waters shall flow forth from the mountains and the wise shall perish. The wicked to be burned as a new river will appear and grow the seasons. The temple destroyed with the new river of blood. Fire and floods shall make a man cry. Hidden valleys will bring new waters. Good trees will grow upon desolate lands. Fish will swim in the Great Lake. Fishers will search them. The last shall be the first. The deaf and blind will see and hear. The earth will shake and rest. The rest shall be shaken. Women will cry and be happy. And men will be happy to die. And the bees shall search for the fruits of the trees. What is written will be spoken that ye may read. Resist God and ye shall lose. Lose thyself and find God. Blind dogs will eat their own vomit. From ashes will come beauty. The Eagle will be plucked. The bride will show her jewels. So God will rejoice. I come in the fire. Tares in the fire will clean the earth. And trees shall rejoice when the orchard is burned. When smoke is gone. Then men will live. And brides will have a new song. The avenger will rejoice. Prepare for that day. Great stink in the desolate cities. As mountains are laid low. Egypt’s plagues will return.”

Yes, I know, it's heavy stuff.  However, the Earthquake is to shake the people.  The time of separating the wheat from the tares is now.  Pretty soon, however, I should have a new comic to publish on this blog, or it's own blog, I haven't chosen yet.

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