Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thoughts about Idolatry

I just thought of something.  All the paintings of Christ might be hindering us to seek his face.  A picture of Christ is an idolatry because it gets in the way of seeking his face.  We are commanded and privileged to seek his face so that we know without a doubt that he is the Christ.

Images and idols doth make us draw away from him.  I now undersand why he wants to get rid of the Christus statue in the North Visitor's Center and to grind it to dust.  If I were him, I'd be angry at an idealized statue of me too, when I want to reveal myself to my servants so that they know without a doubt.

The statue is idolized because we think it's an awesome thing.  People worship it, they direct their emotions to the Christus.  I understand that it's just a statue, a lifeless rock that is carved in the likeness of the Christ and it deflects the people's devotion away from the Christ.  I asked myself, if I met him face to face and talked with him face to face, would I change?  I would say that no one who has seen his face would not be changed by the experience.

I had a dream that my brother took on the likeness of Christ.  Not his exact face, but a likeness unto the Christ (last night, my youngest brother).  I came away from the dream, with my concerns about him relieved.   My youngest brother will have Yah's name written on his forehead and that he will be taken care of.

As for any Atheists that read my blog, I have learned some interesting things in my philosophy class.  So, my advice is for you to ignore this post and don't comment.  If I hear one: "Are we to believe in unicorns, and fairies now?"  I'll post an article about the Infinite Universe.

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NightlySun said...

Excellent! Inspirational!

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