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Atlantean Technology

In my Atlantis Roleplaying Game, in which the adventurers go out and adventure in the Age of Leo, you'll come across tech that is not beyond our current possibilities.  And some tech that is beyond our current possibilities (or too expensive to really develop).   Atlantean technology depends on converting Zero Point Energy, or Orgone Energy --- the energy that is currently around us -- into electrical energy.

Although Stargate: Atlantis shows Atlanteans taking advantage of whole sub-universes in a Zero Point Module it is perfectly within 20th Century technology to make electricity from the air.  This documentary tells how scientists: one within my own hometown. Thomas Henry Moray, of Salt Lake City, had managed to harness Zero Point Energy.

Atlantis used technology that is still within our ability to create.  They tapped Zero Point Energy -- sometimes called Vril Energy, or Orgone Energy.  Energy at the Zero Point is all around us.  There is enough energy in your room to power your city for a while.  And it never runs out.  While Thomas Henry Moray figured out ways to tap ZPE directly, Doctor Whilem Riche created Orgone Accumulators made of organic and metallic materials that were alternated.  These would accumulate and concentrate ZPE which could be used to accelerate healing and give a sense of well being.  With this in mind, lets venture into Atlantean Technology.

Power Production

The Atlanteans of the Age of Leo were able to tap into Free Energy.  It is unknown whether they used petroleum products first or they just went after Zero Point Energy without tapping petroleum from the Earth; but they were able to use free Energy.  They did it with Lemurian Seed Crystals -- or Quartz Crystals that are at least the size of your forearm; using Tesla Coils and probably a manmade substance called Orgonite; since Thomas Moray's technology hasn't been properly explained as the man was hounded when he developed his technology for the rest of his adult life.

The Crystal was set in a base of orgonite, and the Tesla coil was wrapped around it.  The ZPE would accumulate around the crystal and cause it to resonate.  Electrons would accumulate around the coil according to a particular resonance, say 432 hertz or 528 hertz, and transmit as electricity (yes, this sounds far fetched, but it's not impossible to test this claim).  The generators were housed in pyramids, and power was transmitted through the air in order to power the area equal to 5 U.S. States.  And you don't have to be hooked up to the power grid, a small generator could be used to power your home.

In fact, smaller crystals arranged in certain patterns could become computers, or if it is cheaper to create an integrated circuit, Atlanteans could create integrated circuitry and create computers that are not unlike the computer used to type up this Blog.  Did the Atlanteans have movies and television?  It's quite possible they did and they used them for both good and evil.  Did they have radio?  It's quite possible they did since Radio uses electrical patterns at radio frequencies to transmit information.  Did the Atlanteans have an internet?  If they had computers, they most certainly did have an internet.  Unfortunately, there is no evidence that they had such devices.  Although if the Atlantean Civilization had technology comparable to ours it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they would have movies, television, radio, and the world's largest copying machine.

By Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria, via Wikimedia Commons

The Atlanteans relied on a substance called Orichalcum.  It's unknown what this substance is, although my Latin dictionary reports that its brass.  Orichalcum is a metal that is not on the periodic table of Elements.  Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and in the right proportions could theoretically become the red metal that is orichalcum.  However, Plato could be wrong since the only real example of red copper is cuprous oxide (link to Chemguide UK).

The only other metal that could be strong enough to work, but isn't red at all,  is Titanium.   And there is another problem.  Out of Place Artifacts from the era are made of alloys of the strangest combinations but there has been no examples of prehistoric brass that fit Plato's description.  Probably there are properties of brass that we clearly don't know other than it's uses for decoration.  Perhaps brass was used for orgonite, although makers of orgonite today prefer copper and steel.


It is all possible that Atlanteans used stainless steel and titanium steel to make their weapons of war.    Out of Place Artifacts show that the Atlanteans did have knowledge of these metals and could smelt them and work them.  But if their technology was comparable to ours, they would have sonic energy weapons as hand held lasers and particle beams are so far out of our range (but not impossible).

A weapon that could concentrate and deliver a high energy sonic pulse is not out of range of our technology as long as the generator could be portable and there was a range of frequencies one can choose.  A laser rifle cannot be hand held nor can a particle beam rifle could be hand held.  These were used on vehicle mounts.

While swords were certainly used, a sonic hand-held pistol can concentrate enough force to knock a man down or cause internal damage within the body depending on the resonate frequency

Sonic Pistol  

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