Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs had Died

Yeah, it's late, and it's not quite losing a surrogate father (E. Gary Gygax), but Steve Jobs has died.  Steve Jobs had started Apple Computer corp back in the 70s.  He was one of the flower children that had got Apple turned around in the 90s and finally become a company that can compete with Microsoft Corporation.

With Steve Jobs, Apple had always been on the cutting edge; like introducing the Macintosh a little early.  Most of the world wasn't ready for the Macintosh computer when it first came out in 1984.  And through the Nineties, Windows became king because most games were written for windows than the Macintosh.  However, in the 2000's; Apple started bouncing back with the iPod.

Apple found that it could do better offering computer appliances rather than computers.  Although this user doesn't have an iPad (whats up with that?), he is happy with this Macbook and Mac Book Pro.  Although tablets are the future (good luck, next year is 2012.)  The one thing I'm happy about Steve passing is that he doesn't have to deal with the troubles we are heading into.  He's spared the terrible things that are coming and on the other side he can do a lot for the people on the other side.

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