Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book of Jubilees

The Book of Jubilees is apocryphal.  Meaning it is not accepted as scripture by any Authority.  However, the Book of Jubilees has some details about the close of the Age of Cancer and the Age of Gemini.

For instance in the Book of Jubilees, Canaan was given as his portion the land of Morocco and Niger (West Africa).  However, Canaan settled in Palestine instead because of it's richness and fertility.  His brothers Mizraim (husband of Egyptus, the founder of Egypt) and Cush (father of the Black Africans) warned him about settling in Palestine.  But he ignored them and his father, Ham.  Ham cursed Canaan for not taking his allotment and instead usurping a small portion of Shem's inheritance.

This curse was not fulfilled until the Lord gave Canaan to Abraham and his descendants the Israelites.  So, Canaan had a double curse upon him.  Not only was he to serve the sons of Shem and the sons of Japheth, but he and his seed were cursed for usurping Palestine for themselves instead of settling in West Africa like they were supposed too.

Can the Apocrypha be trusted?  not totally.  Some of it requires personal revelation to read.  Reading the passage about ham having discourse with his son about setting Palestine and not Morocco is telling of Ham's character.  Ham loved his brothers.  When Canaan usurped Palestine from Shem, he took part of Shem's inheritance (The Fertile Crescent and Americas comprise all of Shem's inheritance) rather than what was rightfully his.

Ham is worthy of his Celestial Inheritance and this passage in the Jubilees proves it.  Ham was a prophet who cursed his son for stealing land from his uncle.  From Canaan will eventually come the Hittites and the Khitai -- the people of Cathay or China.

If Canaan did settle in the land of West Africa, however, his sons will still settle in Turkey and then still travel to China.  Although they will have built boats and sailed down the Mediterranean and into the Aegean Sea and settle Turkey.  And then, they moved east.

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