Sunday, October 2, 2011


If anyone out there thinks that they can ban human pornogaphy (photographs of women or men in revealing clothing, provocative nude, or actually performing sex); they have another thing coming.  You can't get rid of it that way.  It will go way underground and it will be easily found.

Understandably, a woman would feel hurt if she seen her husband viewing human pornography (see above).  Nudists like myself understand what the cure is.  Going back to an edenic society where everyone is nude.  Principally, the added addition of Polygamy according to the Lord's Law will also be an added solvent to the problem.

Pornography isn't a simple violation of the Law of Chastity as people think it is.  The man longs to look at other human beings in the nude to remove the mystery of the body.  Purists want to keep the body a mystery, thinking that is what the Lord hath commanded when our parents was kicked out of Eden.  However, the Lord said moderation in all things -- including covering of the body.

I think we are paying for it when we have gone to the extreme.  How do you expel pornography from our society?  The cures are laid out by the Lord.  Nudism and Polygamy (note: the polygamous man has to be a righteous person to take care of all of his wives).  Unfortunately, we the Latter-day Saints rejected both.  The first came by the Spirit, so it became a reality among another people (the Germans).  The second was a Commandment of the Lord and we rejected the second to gain Statehood.  Angered, the Lord took away the priesthood of the Leadership of the Church.  So, we have pornography as a persistent pollution until we come to terms that Polyamorous love is what is needed for the human race to progress.

Yahweh will have a humble, believing people; and he will get a humble, believing people even if He has to  chastise us with nuclear weapons.


Anonymous said...

Right, because after you nuke somebody, they are very humble and willing to listen.

Your insight and problem-solving are superior.

Elton said...

Actually there's more to it. A military invasion will come afterwards.

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