Friday, September 18, 2009

M4 Elite Invasion!

I recently acquired the M4 Elite bundle (yes, Rob is on his way!) for a school project. And I have some recent renders to show off.

The first is Jeremy. THEE JEREMY! I morphed him to the Adonis look, and now he is leaping and jumping around the beach. Jeremy here is rendered in DAZ Studio Advanced, with the Jeremy Elite Texture and the Jeremy head.

And what will we do without our SPARTANS from 300? Here M4 is morphed to the Spartan body type, and is wearing the Shades of Atlantis: Heirophant Uniform. He's one of the royal guard. The uniform had been conformed with the Morph Follower of DAZ Studio 3 Advanced.

Tell me what you think!


greywulf said...

Very very nice. I like the M4 Elite bodyshapes a lot. Unlike the V4 Elite set (which works best when mixed together in small amounts) work very well on their own as well. The Spartan is definitely going to get a lot of use :D

Elton said...

Gee, I wonder how? Let me guess . . . as supervillains or warrior renders. :)

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