Monday, September 7, 2009

The Battle of the Philosophers!

My own investigations into the philosophies of the Battle of the Sexes have come up with several conclusions.

1. A nation where the sexes are divided against themselves can't possibly prosper efficiently.

2. The Battle of the Sexes as we know it was never meant to be natural.

3. Women can't have both butter (a home life) and Guns (a career). A woman must give up one to feed the other.

4. I have also came to realize, unrelated at first, that sex was made so that Joy can be realized.

I have come to feel that sex is the most enjoyable thing we humans really have, and that the Battle of the Sexes is an artificial state that is not natural. The whole thing about the Battle of the Sexes has been mythologized terribly. Even the matriarchal societies of the distant past has not escaped the modern mythological pen. So, why all the smoke and mirrors?

In truth. I don't know. I can only report on what I observe and what I desire based on the observations for female friends. First of all, I'd like to say I am not at all pleased with my Sisters-in-Law in how they treat my brothers. First of all, my Sister-in-Law Crystal rules the roost around here. Second of all, my Sister-in-Law Andrea does not respect my brother Seth. So, how am I going to relate to this?

I don't desire a woman who are like either of them, simple as that. I'd rather go through life Unmarried than be treated like how my brothers are treated by their wives. I am sick and tired of so called "female superiority" and the way they throw it around. I am sick and tired to see how my brothers are upstaged by their mates.

Moreover the LORD saith, BECAUSE THE DAUGHTERS of Zion are HAUGHTY, (proud, arrogant) and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton (winking) eyes, walking and mincing (flirting) as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: (ankle bells).
Isaiah 3:16 (Greywulf and Marjorie: this is based only on an observation on where I live, not all women in general. Look closely and the key word is Zion in that passage).

I'd rather be loved and respected by my mate.

In the Lord's plan for marriage, if I read Joseph Smith's words correctly, a woman submits to her husband ideally. Consider this passage from Ephesians: Therefore as the Church is subject to unto Christ ( the Messiah), so let the wives be to their husbands in every thing.
Ephesians 5:24

This is only according to what I observed. According to the Gorean model, a slave does exactly this. A total power exchange. Only to an extreme (I believe John Norman wrote the books to such an extreme level in order to show his philosophical argument). In the books you have slaves submit to the commands of their Masters. Even rape is acceptable, since the slaves are treated as property. However, while experiencing Gor lifestylers, they all can be as individually different as anything.

I'd rather be loved and respected by my mate. I DESIRE a mate who will submit to me in everything, that will respect my authority (at least, over myself), and love me for who I am and not try to change me into something they think I aught to be. I am not a Bishop nor Stake President in the Church. I never am and I never will be. I never want to be Bishop, and I never want to be Stake President. I am not a door mat to be walked over, or something to be shown off. A real marriage is a partnership, where the wife submits to her husband in every thing.

In modern marriages, I see the opposite is true. I have observed this fact in my Sisters-in-Law and how they treat their husbands. Feminism, the philosophy that women have equal or exclusive rights to men, is only a symptom of a wife's unsubmissiveness to her husband. The philosophy gives her an excuse.

Aren't women the equal of men?

Yes. And no. Quick answer. Women are the equal of men in opportunity but they are not the equal of men biologically or spiritually since both women and men are different sexes. Women and men are equal in everything according to opportunity. Women cannot have a family and a career at the same time. She must feed one or the other. Men, however, can have both a family and a career because through his career he can feed his family.

What about the Economic Situation? It takes two incomes to provide everything a family needs.

This is because the Federal Reserve has been steadily inflating the money supply so that a household requires two more more types of income to provide everything the family needs. The solution is to abolish the Federal Reserve and to make our money be backed 100% by Gold. Also, we need to make sure that a open, free market exists in America to make sure everyone is able to buy and sell goods (a combination of Austrian and Chicago style money policies). But that is beyond the scope of what I'm observing in modern human relationships (actually, in truth, it's related).

Why a submissive wife?
I'm better off with a submissive wife. Really, I am. An unsub or dominate wife is not something I'm looking for. Give me a girl who will submit to me, and I'll look after my responsibility (feeding, clothing, and sheltering her). Give me a dominate wife, and I won't be married long. :)

I'd rather have a wife who will respect me and be submit to me in every thing. :)

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