Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fleshing out a Scenario

in part 2 of our series on fleshing out scenarios, we will deal with the Atlantis Scenario: Adventurers of Atlantis.

Adventurers of Atlantis

Premise: There has been a rash of kidnappings of young women of late. Something the PCs scoff of until one of their girlfriends disappear.
The Twist: A strange old man is found by the PCs, who is actually an Atlantean Theorist. The PCs chase the wierd little man, only to enter a dimensional rift through space time and end up in the city of Atlantis.
The Climax: The PCs are told that a group of Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Magan (modern day Kenya). The PCs battle it out with the Lemurians in Maganese lands.
The Closing: The PCs return home, and one of the PCs is given the feeling that the Atlanteans might call upon them again.

With these barebones, you have everything you need to make an interesting scenario. Now lets fill in the missing holes. There are a couple of sets:

1. The PC's Apartment
2. An alleyway
3. The City of Atlantis itself.
4. The African Coast.
5. The Kenyan countryside (where our battle takes place).

There are a couple of named NPCs.
1. Agathon (Atlantean Physics Theorist -- can also be a sorcerer)
2. Praxiteles (Atlantean governor who asks the PCs to counter the Lemurians)
3. Indumat (Lemurian commander)
4. Gandira (Lemurian sorcerer -- may be a reoccuring vile villain)

And there are mooks:
Lemurian mooks (which can be anything from Lemurian troops to inorganic machines).

Since this begins all the action, a romantic foil (a femme fatale or something else that foils the PCs) is intentionally left out. This adventure is meant to introduce the PCs to the world of Atlantis. So, we have our beginning and our end.

There are two fight scenes: the scenes introduce the Lemurians and help move the action. We need to establish why the Lemurians are attacking Atlantean interests in Mythical Kenya. Perhaps there is a gene laboratory in ancient Kenya that the Lemurians need something from.
Perhaps there is a store of Uranium that the Lemurians need for power generation.

Let us use the second, there is a store of Uranium in ancient Kenya that they need.

The first fight happens in Ophir where the PCs find out that the Lemurians are looking for an Uranium Depot, and the second fight happens around the Uranium depot itself. You just need some set pieces. Which I will reveal next time.

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