Monday, September 14, 2009

Fleshing out a Scenario, pt 2

Now we have everything externally, now we have to provide what is going on in the fight scenes. A fight scene should be dramatic and fun. So we need to make sure we prop the two scenes with fun and profit.

The first fight scene introduces the Lemurians, which are a competitor nation against Atlantis (sort of like USA vs. Russia during the Cold War). The scene also reveals the Lemurians' motive for being in Magan (ancient Kenya), an Uranium depot built by the Magans. So lets list what is what in our first fight scene.

- Rumble in the African Coastal village -

Lemurian inorganics: 2 per player character level (AI controlled mecha, 4 hit points; they blow up easily)
Indumat (named Lemurian leader)
Gandira (Lemurian Sorcerer)

Set Pieces
These are the fun stuff that the enemy and the heroes interact with.

The coastal village with the fight scene takes place in a fisherman's market.

Fisherman's Stall
  • There is a lot of fish. Not much work against inorganic robots, but a mullet is better than nothing. Some of them are even still alive!
  • There are knives for cleaning and gutting fish
  • Fishing poles
  • A fisherman's net can be used on Lemurian inorganics.

Fruit Cart
  • Bananas are everywhere, so are a lot of exotic African fruits.
  • Fruits can be tipped over, causing everything to be slimy and slippery.
  • Horned melons can be used to bash people.
  • Durian fruit is imported from Khmer lands (modern day Cambodia), and is a disgustingly stinky fruit. The enemy could rub it into the PCs' faces.
  • There are ropes, knives, and machetes that can be used as found weapons.

Chicken Stall
  • Chickens must get loose!
  • The cages can be used to bash inorganics and heroes alike.

- Uranium Depot -

The Uranium Depot has refined Uranium-235 bars. The Uranium was refined by the Maganese government for use in a Nuclear Power facility. The bars are highly radioactive and are kept in lead-lined containers. The Uranium is very heavy to lift due to its density (92 protons and 92 electrons, along with a mess of neutrons -- not to mention the alpha and beta particles -- and gamma rays -- it outputs).

Unnamed inorganics

This is the big fight scene. The inorganics are being used to handle the Uranium as the Lemurians are preparing to ship it away. If, during the fight, one of the containers is open, radiation spills into the area. Radiation kills PCs quickly, so every round take the PCs take a hit to hit points, strength, and constitution. Radiation sickness is -3 Con intially, plus -3 Con secondary damage.

A psychokinetic, particle, or magic force field can contain the Radiation.

Next: tying it all together.

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