Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Gummi Bears

Here is the intro to Disney's Gummi Bears. I suppose that Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was so successful that Disney had to have a crack at D&D, the Disney way. Yes, I totally admit that I totally liked the show. If you have little D&D players growing up in your household, this cartoon is a nice way to introduce the subject of imagination (just make sure they know the difference between reality and fantasy).

Of course, what really got me into D&D was Classical Mythology. The ancient stories of the Greeks, to explain the world they lived in, totally inspired me. When I got the Red Box, the myth and legend can come alive. And that is the point of playing D&D today. To bring your heroes alive and to live the stories. Dungeons and Dragons is good for kids, even though elements of the Supernatural and occult are introduced, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with your kids teaches them critical thinking. Also, thinking under pressure, being cool when a crisis is created. With a bright, young precocious creative child, Dungeons and Dragons can help them develop their creativity in ways people couldn't have imagined.

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