Monday, September 7, 2009

A Good Cup of Atlantis!

I think I'm getting better. After reading the story synopses of 10 of John Norman novels, and waking up to thoughts of Atlantis this morning, I felt that Atlantis needed to come to life. again.

Using GURPS Atlantis as the base (the other two are far too fantastic [Twilight of Atlantis, and Atlantis: the Second Age] although fun beyond belief), I wanted to do a romance type campaign. After all, who'd want to save a family member from slavers from a parallel Universe? (hurray for the Many Worlds Interpretation!!).

Usually you get to work on PRODUCTION DESIGN. So lets work out Production Design for Atlantis:

As I said -- the folks over at Deviant Art are pretty much stuck on three aspects of Atlantis: Atlantis undersea (the technology to build an undersea arcology is a bit too high, even if we do have the capability to build an undersea arcology off the coast of Florida, the Lords of our Dystopia would say it will COST too much to establish an undersea colony), Disney's Atlantis (which was good), and Stargate: Atlantis (which is VERY good).

I imagine Atlantis to be pretty much as Plato described it (its science fiction, actually -- Plato combined several stories into one to illustrate a truth). On the North American continent (the Ancients of the Early Bronze Age knew about America, it became a "Lost" Continent when later generations eventually forgot all knowledge of America).

Atlantis itself is an Ancient Empire that devotes itself to the pursuit of Science in the manner of the Hellenic period (i.e.the so called Alexandrian Empire). It is a culture based on learning, inventing, and increasing technology. The game is set during the Atlantean 4th Dynasty. Technology equals that of Ancient Alexandria during the time of Archimedes. Atlantis is dependent on slave labor, although inventors are starting to bring about revolution (Atlantis is teetering on an Industrial Revolution, although the conditions aren't fully there yet).

There are more slaves in Atlantis than Atlanteans, although strange new inventions [off in the world of weird, fringe science] allow Atlanteans to skip dimensions to specific ones and take people for slaves.

Slavery works like the model presented in Conan the Barbarian. Both men and women can be taken as slaves. Male slaves are often used both in hard labor, and fine technical work (like cutting gears precisely), and in some instances, pleasure. Women slaves are used for a variety of other services, including pleasure as well as house work. However, a beautiful girl slave is more valuable than a muscle bound male slave.

More on this later.

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