Friday, September 11, 2009

More Atlantean Adventure Scenarios

As I wait for my latest DAZ Studio project to actually render (yay!), I have some more Atlantean Adventure Scenario ideas. They still follow the same format: Premise, the Twist, and the Climax.

A Princess of Atlantis
The Premise: The PCs are called to Atlantis from the modern world to deal with a problem of politics. The King's daughter has been kidnapped by the Sea Peoples (other wise called the Philistines) and they are demanding a ransom from the king for the return of the Princess Antheia, his third daughter.
The Twist: The daughter has been enslaved by the lord of this particular tribe of Sea Peoples, the Prince Thamar.
The Climax: The PCs and Prince Thamar battle it on the Sea of Tartessos (Mediterranean Sea), only to witness the extremely gorgeous Princess Antheia declare herself the sex slave of the most heroic PC of the group!

The Isle of Fire
The Premise: The Isle of Fire is a place rich in minerals. But it is colonized by monsters, and only the best heroes go to face the monsters there. The Atlanteans want to form a colony there, however the Mother of All Monsters, the Echidna, also resides there. The PCs are called from the Modern Day to go to the Isle of Fire to see how to deal with the Echidna.
The Twist: One their way to the port city of Mneusis, the heroes stumble on a twenty-five feet tall giant that is immobilized by a rock with a lead symbol burned into it. The giant is none other than Typhon, but he looks positively human.
The Climax: The heroes face the Echidna, to persuade her either by the word or by the sword to allow the Atlanteans to settle and form a mining colony here.

The Hippodrome of Atlantis
The Premise: The PCs go to Atlantis on their own accord to see the horse races at the Hippodrome. Although no gambling is allowed, the horse races at the Hippodrome is the Atlanteans' national past time.
The Twist: One of the jockeys is murdered, a rider named Hyppolytos, and the PCs are drawn into the mystery. The actual murderer is a man named Cleonastes.
The Climax: finding the clues and questioning the right people will bring Cleonastes out in the open. the PCs' solving of the mystery will cause Cleonastes to panic. The PCs must stop him before he jumps off the highest turret of the Hippodrome!

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