Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seriously, I am thinking of doing a WEB comic!!


I have the story. Post Apocalyptic hero, the last hero in a thermonuclear War that nearly sterilized the United States. All of the heroes are dead. All except for one. Being the final, U.S. hero allows me to have my superhero exhibit the strange power all of us have. An every man doing some very fantastic things (making himself younger, fly, create objects seemingly out of nothing [his forcefield counts as such]: all of which is fully explained by Science and we ourselves are fully capable of). But he is alone. No one to help him, no one to upstage.

He is alone. A lone hero dispensing justice in a beleaguered, shattered America seeking to rebuild itself after the Apocalypse.

Great story. And a great story needs great storytelling.


greywulf said...

Be forewarned - web comics eat up a LOT of your time to make!

I had a crack at making one back when I was using Poser (my pre-DAZ Studio days) called Sin20: The Life and Death of Callen Oncedark for Microlite20.

Rendering the panels and putting them together in Comic Life was easy enough, but each page took a solid day of work. That's a fair chunk of freetime gone, right there.

If you don't mind the time investment though, I say go for it :D

Elton said...

Yep. I know that. I thought that I had to do it for pay. This means IMAGE. :)

But the time involved might burn up all of my free time. And I'm committed to learning film.

greywulf said...

Why not have a go at animation instead? DAZ Studio is surprisingly good at animating - just leave it rendering overnight :D

Elton said...

I thought about that. That's why I'm at the Art Institute at Pittsburgh. :) Some of the stuff I need needs to be modeled. Including nuclear mushroom clouds, a flooded Salt Lake Valley (by the Great Salt Lake, no less), all of that. It will make for a great movie at least. :)

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