Friday, June 1, 2007

Finding a way to get ahead

A lot of people are angry in Utah that housing costs are up 300%, gas is up 300%, and food is up 300%. Plus the fact that salaries in Utah are not catching up. A lot of people find it hard to stay in the black. However some are making it by themselves.

High gas prices, food costs, home expenses and huge debts are making it hard for many Utahns to make ends meet. Some say the government needs to help more. Others say they are making it work by themselves.

But the Hardings aren't waiting for society's help. They are doing it themselves. "We save first. We pay ourselves first. We have a great budget," Lori says.

Lori and Charles Harding say they have found saving has helped their family of five make ends meet.

Lori says, "It's the little steps. Not stopping at 7-11, or bringing your own lunch. Renting a video instead of going to the movie theater. Every step in the right direction gets you there."

Read the Entire story here:
KSL newscast.

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