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Outline of new Adventure so far.

NWN-Aur, the Wayawrd Gnoll by ~SailorX on deviantART

Here is my Outline of my new adventure:

The Invasion of Aine.

Summary: The Invasion of Aine deals with a invasion of a celtic town in Eastern Utah by gnolls.  The reasons have not been put in the adventure but it's about stolen land.  The player characters are caught unawares and must deal with the invasion.  There's only one problem: Gnolls in Pathfinder have 1 full hit dice.  Thus they have one 1 level.  So, they, the gnolls, will be going up against PCs of 4th level.

Recommended: For a scientifically correct gaming experience, I'll be recommending Advanced d20 Magic.

Required: I am leaning to Psionics Unleashed since I know the 3.5 psionics system forwards and backwards.


I.               ACT 1 – CHAOS IN AINE
A.     The adventure is set in Eastern Utah.
a.     Specifically, Dinosaur Land.  Eastern Utah is verdant enough for habitation by humans or gnolls.
                                                                 i.     The gnoll tribes are wandering hunter/gatherers.
1.     They are a Neolithic society with the ability of crafting steel.
                                                                ii.     Humans on the raising of beef cattle and farming.
1.     Humans are a late iron age society.
                                                              iii.     Aine is a  human celt colony in North America, specifically, in Vernal, Utah.
B.     The Player Characters are humans who have to deal with an gnoll raid.
a.     PCs professions may include:
                                                                 i.     Barbarian – shepherd
                                                                ii.     Bard -- Storyteller
                                                              iii.     Cleric – Pagan Temple Priest
                                                              iv.     Druid – Mountain Wise Man
                                                                v.     Fighter – Town guard, warrior
                                                              vi.     Monk – Greco-Roman Athlete
                                                             vii.     Paladin - Town leader.
                                                           viii.     Ranger – Forest runner
                                                              ix.     Rogue – Tavern keeper
                                                                x.     Sorcerer – Tailor/Seamstress
                                                              xi.     Wizard – Alchemist
                                                             xii.     Psion – Sculptor
                                                           xiii.     Psychic Warrior – Town Warrior
                                                           xiv.     Soulknife – Scout
                                                             xv.     Wilder - Musician
C.     The gnoll invasion is led by gnoll females, to be consistent with their hyena inspiration
a.     The leader of team 1 is Akwasibah, a gnoll Mother of the Fighter class.  She has the equivalent rank of colonel or captain.
b.     Makena, gnoll Mother rogue of the group and leader of team 2.  She has delusions of grandeur.
c.      Shani, gnoll Mother sorceress.  She leads team 3, and she is the kind one.  She is along to make sure no blood is spilt.
d.     Lusala, leader of team 4 and a male.  He’s a psychopath.  He is “one who cannot be tamed,” a berserker.
D.    The inhabitants of Aine includes:

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