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Excerpt: from an Adventure I'm writing

I don't know what to title this, yet.  However, I was brushing up on a few things before I started.



This adventure is a fantasy adventure that takes place in a possible alternate Earth where magic exists, and creatures of myth and legend also exists.  In this alternate version, the parallels to our history is striking except that the colonization of America takes place during the reign of King Henry the III of England.

The adventure actually takes place some two hundred years after the start of the hundred years war, and America is starting to come out of the Late Middle Ages and come into the
Renaissance.  It is the reign of King Richard the III, and Americans of English descent has expanded into Utah and parts of California.  The English is only one of many powers in the world, most of which includes elvish and dwarvish kingdoms along with orc holds.  There are also gnomish villages and Halfling settlements.  This adventure is part campaign, part player’s guide, and all adventure in the land of a magical, fantastic Fantasy America.

This adventure is for first level characters and takes place on Christmas Day.  Christmas festival is happening, and people are celebrating the day that the Savior supposedly was born.  However, the dragon Sargon interrupts the festival.  Sargon, a mighty fire dragon, is angry with the villagers for not honoring his tribute.   In the confusion, the villagers run in fear in the mighty dragon’s rage, which blows smoke, fire, and embers.   In the confusion, the player characters are led into the keep, where they deal with the forces trying to take advantage of their confusion.

The invaders taking advantage of the confusion are the kobolds and the goblins that found their ways into the keep from the deep midden and undercrofts.  The goblins, of the Salty Husk Tribe, want to take advantage of the village’s weakness during the dragon attack to get their favorite food – humans.

The player characters must get through the goblins and kobolds and hack them down in the confusion to escape the village’s attack.  During the battle to escape the village, the player characters face dangers such spiders, evil spellcasters, and the undead.  By the time they get out, Sargon leaves to head to his lair.

The player characters must head to the next village to recooperate and to decide their new options.  With their former masters slain by the dragon, the player characters must decide if they should continue on without their masters, get revenge on the dragon, or find the meaning of their own destinies.

After that, the player characters will find an open field in which to adventure, and the world is theirs.  If they wish to persue revenge on the dragon, they are free to do so and the adventure’s linear path assumes such.


Part 1 – The Player’s Guide

The Player’s Guide deals with the players directly and what it takes to create a character that fits for this adventure.  The adventure deals with new concepts such as Cultures, to help a player define his character much more fully within the framework of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or d20 system.   While a competing roleplaying product will award a beginning player skill ranks in various skills, the concept is still the same – you are as much as a product of your culture as you were born.  These new rules were meant to reflect that.

Aside from that, there are rules in handling real world religions within the framework of the adventure.  Each religion – Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and different flavors of Heathenism – for example – are explained within the context of the adventure.

Along with that and Player character class choices and magical languages that are available for roleplay are explained in the document.  If it’s all too confusing, pre-generated characters are provided as an illustration of what can be done within the new rules.

Part 2 – The Adventure

This provides the bulk of the adventure.  From the invasion of the village to the escape of the PCs on their way to find new adventure.  They are either to get revenge against Sargon, or to find their own destinies.  This section describes the adventure in detail.

Part 3 – Appendix

The appendices provides rules for a different interpretation of the Barbarian class along with a new interpretation of the Monk class as a Warrior Monk and some variations to allow for monks to explore the mystical side of Eastern Religion.

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