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So I bought The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion by Bethesda Softworks the other day and had some fun with it this week. Let me tell you something, it's graphics are amazing. The game's graphics is a lot better than World of Warcraft's. Seriously.

The game has trees swaying in the breeze, rain, wind. . . it's an awesome game. So, I am going to talk to you about Skink.

Skink is my character in TES: Oblivion. As you can probably tell, he is a Lizard Man, or in Wizards' circles -- Lizardfolk ("man" is out of vogue for some reason in academic circles). Anyway, he is a reptoid known as an Argonian in the Elder Scrolls' world of Tamriel.

He is the son of Skink-in-Tree's-Shade: the famous Argonian steward of the Mages' Guild Chapter in Sadirith Mora (in the Imperial Provence of Morrowind). Skink is a 16 year old Argonian who has recently escaped from the Imperial Dungeons, following in the wake of the hero that forged the Staff of Chaos. He also happens to be a spellsword, combining knowledge of fighting with knowledge of magic.

Skink was born in Morrowind, or rather hatched in Morrowind. He has six brothers and sisters from two different creche layings. He was one of twelve, but five had become dead by the pressure of living as an Argonian. Argonians have the same lifespan as Man, living to about 70 years of age (or perhaps longer, living to a maximum of 130 years of age).

Skink grew up, however, away from Morrowind in Cyrodiil, the Imperial Province. His father would tell him stories of the Neverarine, the hero that restored Morrowind to it's proper glory by defeating the evil of Dagoth Ur. How the reborn Neverar would use magic and the sword to defeat his enemies. Inspired by the tale, the eight year old Skink wished for adventures of fame and glory while he was younger, desiring them with all of his heart. He wanted to be like the Neverarine and the Hero of Daggerfall that saved King Lysandus and allowed the Underking to finally die.

Eventually, he went to mage school to train as a spellsword. Skink was a rowdy lot with a lot of talents but no outlet. He tried to show everyone his abilities and what he could do. He eventually turned twelve and entered puberty while on his studies. He also discovered masturbation and would often rub his penis for the good feelings.

When Skink was fourteen, he had made a lot of enemies and even found romance for a time in an argonian teen named Cee-ja. Skink was not very popular growing up. As penalty for being too smart, Skink would be the brunt of bullying. One of the bullies that picked on him was a Breton boy named Jasper. Jasper and his cronies would often tease and bully Skink, driving his self confidence down into the ground (Skink has a low Personality rating: 30 [that roughly corresponds to a Charisma of 8]).

empowering to Skink. Skink effectively turned hOne day, while Skink was swimming, Jasper and the gang stole his clothes. Skink was forced to walk back to the Mages Guild completely naked. Although everyone laughed at him, and the humiliation was supposed to result -- Skink didn't have any trouble at all taking it. He walked naked in stride. He enjoyed his own nakedness, even though it caused many a jeer or even a threat. What was supposed to be an exercise in power by Jasper and his group turned out to beis ideas around about nudity. Skink from then on did not think about nudity as "bad" or "humiliating." But ultimately as a symbol of freedom and power is what nudity became for him.

The bullying stopped, for a while. Jasper and Skink even became good friends. Eventually, Jasper converted to skink's nudism and became a nudist. However, the both of them had their fortunes change.

Both Jasper and Skink were involved in a bar fight. The fight had turned into a royal brawl. Who knows what started it, just that both Jasper and Skink were involved. The ruckus had turned so disorderly that the Imperial City Watch was called in and everyone was arrested and eventually tried and jailed.

Skink hated the jail, he hated his cell, he hated his neighbor who would always tease him, and he hated everything for a period of two years. Eventually, Jasper was found innocent and let go. Jasper hoped for a reunion, but he left the prison. Skink was left, being tormented by his Dark Elf prison mate across the way. Skink also hated his clothes. He hated wearing them and he hated not seeing the sun.

Until that fateful day.

Roleplaying Skink: I'm roleplaying Skink as a Hoplite in the grand tradition of the Athenian hoplites during the Golden Age of the Greek City State. He fights naked except for his sword and his shield and his helmet. He also adventures naked, like Herakles, Iason, Theseus, and Perseus did in the Greek Mythological cycle. Skink enjoys masturbating his penis, though. Mostly because he can't find a companion - wife? - that would like him.

He is also, mostly by accident, the Lord Earl of Battlehorn Castle. Boy, do I have a tale to tell about that one! :D Skink is a Greek Hero, but mostly by accident. Looking over the Oblivion Walkthru, however, it seems that ultimately Skink's tale will have a bit of tragedy in it.

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