Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthright Wiki

I'm back to writing for the Birthright setting.  An AD&D 2e setting, the Birthright setting was one where the players were expected to play kings and queens.  Princes and Princesses.  Priests and Priestesses.  Etc.

The work I've worked on on the Birthright Wiki included Thurazor, the Basilisk, many NPCs, the addition of the Shaman Class from the WoW RPG; several domain pages that were missing; geography pages, and many other pages.

I'm one of three principle workers for Birthright.

Well, the other thing. . .

It's Valentine's Day.  A day to commemorate the patron saint of Lovers.  This is a special day for me, since I can share it with a special friend.  Love is important.  Love is the ability to accept others for who they really are -- and it's the greatest emotion to feel in the Universe.

This Valentines Day, spend it with someone who you accept and remember the special day.  IF you like, you can look up the story of the real Saint Valentine

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