Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be Thou an Example

It seems I'm kicking against the pricks.  So lets put my ideas into action.  I'm currently writing an adventure that should seem to be a good adventure by all accounts.  It's theme is transporting the PCs from our world to another.

I'm working out licensing in my head with the Trademarked logo (It's a trademark protected by Trademark Law ~ some people are against trademark law and some people on Kill Copyright support them because of the Advertising value a trademark brings - I'm split right down the middle: I worked out a compromise.  I'll license the trademark until strong evidence comes up where a Trademark actually Hurts advertising than it helps); and copyhearting the whole adventure (except that which is under the OGL).  The world is one that would be truly owned by everyone.  The Audience again will be the distribution point.

 Artists before the invention of the Guild of Stationers relied on their audience  to distribute their work, and many famous artists would copy each other (Beethoven, Motzart, Brahms, and Handel for a few).  In fact, the whole point of letting people copy is because it adds value to the work.

So in effect, I'm Rebelling.

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