Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in Terre nearing completion!

It's one of those days where I'm getting excited!

So, Query: What happens when a writer visits after he is completely unsatisfied with the GSL?


Originally going to be released for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Journey to Terre is going to have it's IP released under the Creative Commons License -- allowing for recopying and derivative works!  Love the setting but play 4e?  No problem!  Work out 4e stats, play through the adventure, and rewrite the adventure replacing Pathfinder Stats with 4e stats.  And sell it on RPGnow!

Love the Setting, but own an entirely different system?  No problem!  Rewrite the adventure to your setting's specifications and release it on  Think I'm nuts?

There are some undeniable benefits for releasing the IP as open source:
* Every COPY adds VALUE to the product.  When I released my first OGL product by myself, there was some problems.  IT was to niche-y-, and I copyrighted the product.  Not this time.  I want everyone from America to China to have a copy.

* Every DERIVATIVE WORK based on the Adventure adds value to the product as well.  The world becomes Richer as a matter of course.  Lore is added upon and added upon ad infinitium.  With today's publishing technology, it's much easier for a person to add to their favorite work.  Shakespeare's plays are the most performed works in the World.  Mostly because of translations and availability.  There is anime based on some plays, for instance.

* Creative Commons allows for Author Saturation.  The biggest danger to an author is not death, but obscurity.  Only the top one half of one percent writers actually are lauded.  Copyright prevents author saturation in various markets.

The world is one that is an Ahistorical Greek Setting.  This pretty much means that the world has some Anachronisms.  Marsela might be Greek through and through, but another town might be based on Renaissance Paris, for instance; and another might be based on 11th Century Britain.  Or a whole country might be based on Old Kingdom Egypt or Israel during the time of Samson or David.

The map is simple.  Barbarian lands are to the west, to the east are the Orc hordelands -- a mountainous land, and to the North are the elves.  To the south across the sea is an Egyptian kingdom.  Beyond the Hordelands is the End of the World and Terra Nova -- lands that aren't mapped.  Beyond the Barbarian Lands is the Trackless Ocean.


However, the most interesting thing are the skies.  Dominating the northern sky are three planets: Saturn, Venus, and Mars.  Heathens all over the world worship these planets as deities.  The adventure is simple: you start in the modern day, get transported to Terre after examining an out of place artifact, and you have to find your way home.

Or, at least it's a start to finding your way home. :)

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