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Barbarians, Battlemages, and Thieves -- OH MY!

The BESM d20 System is probably a great evolution for the d20 System if the DM knows what to do with it.  First of all, people say it's unbalanced.  Well, with what it did to the System, yes it's unbalanced.  BESM d20 removed some of the restrictions that makes up d20 3rd edition -- by removing class features.  Generally, the players make their own class features.

As an example, I'll provide a couple of character types you can create with the system using the Adventurer class and the Dynamic Sorcerer class.  Note though, the second class will be using the spells from Advanced d20 Magic.  These are really templates.  Adventurers have all non-combat skills as class skills.  These templates will appear in my Atlantis book.

Barbarian (Adventurer Class)

Template Cost: 5 character points (still attainable at level 1)
Stats: Str 13, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 13

 Combat Mastery +2, Damn Healthy +2, Heightened Awareness +1, Highly Skilled +2, Personal Gear +1, Rage (Special Attack: Muscle-Powered, Quake, Uses Energy, Ongoing Limited Use +1)

Pick any 2 Defects:  Girl/Guy Magnet +1, Easily Distracted (Wonders of Civilization) +1, Marked (Tribal scars/tattoos) +1, Nemesis (Clan Enemies) +1,

Skills: Melee Attack +2, Melee Defense +2, Acrobatics +5, Intimidate +5, Heal +3, Knowledge (Own Tribe) +4, Perception +3, Swim +5

FEATS (choose any 2): Cleave, Power Attack, Endurance, Improved Initiative

A brave warrior from a more primitive culture, barbarians are reminiscent of Japanese Ainu, Celtic
Gaul, and Norse Viking rolled into one. The barbarian might be a wandering mercenary, or an exile
fleeing a tribal feud or seeking to avenge the destruction of his or her clan by sinister forces now residing in the country. He or she is loyal to friends and deadly to foes, and has no tolerance for cowardice among warriors — an attitude mitigated by a lack of respect for the fortitude of civilised folk.

Tempered by their lives in the unforgiving wastes, barbarians are superior physical specimens,
with exotic looks that attract the opposite sex. Barbarians often have a love-hate relationship with civilized folk, finding them effete but liking some of the benefits like steel swords and hot baths. They tend to be spendthrifts.

Battle Mage (Dynamic Sorcerer Class)

Template Cost: 10 Character Points
Stats: Str 10, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 13

Damn Healthy +1, Dynamic Sorcery (Class Feature) +1, Extra Spells +1, Highly Skilled +1, Item Creation (Scribe Scroll) +1, Magical Technique (Magical Blood) +1, Pet Monster (Familiar) +1

Pick any two defects: Easily Distracted (Magical Items) +1, Magical Restriction (Battle Spells) +1, Nemesis (rival magician) +1, Ism (Magicianism) +1

Skills: Ranged Defense +1, Ranged Attack +1, Appraise +7, Knowledge: Arcane (Spellcraft) +7, Knowledge Military Sciences (Tactics) +7, Knowledge: Occult +7, Swim +1

Feats (choose any 2): Combat Martial Arts, Endurance, Iron Will, Dazzling Display

Spells: Choose spells up to 16 spell slots (1 first level, second level, third level, or 0 level spell is equal to 1 spell slot) from this list (see Advanced d20 Magic for casting DCs):

0 level Battle Mage spells: Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Ray of Frost, Disrupt Undead, Jolt, Arcane Mark

1st level Battle Mage spells: Protection from Chaos, Shield, Corrosive Touch, Grease, Icicle Dagger, Mage Armor, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Anticipate Peril, True Strike, Charm Person, Delusional Pride, All Evocation 1st level spells, Color Spray, Shadow Weapon, Cause Fear, Ray of Enfeeblement, Burning Disarm, Feather Fall

2nd level Battle Mage Spells: Protection from Arrows, Acid Arrow, Dust of Twilight, Fog Cloud, Web, Hideous Laughter, Touch of Idiocy, all evocation 2nd level spells, Haunting Mists, Mirror Image, Scare, Eagle's Splendor, Pyrotechnics, Whispering Wind

The battle mage practices elemental magic and, in particular, specializes in offensive spells of lightning, fire, and ice. He or she also knows a few general-purpose spells (mostly learned in his or her apprenticeship). Battle mages usually have a fiery temperament to match their arsenal, and are equally likely to be good, evil, or mercenary in character. Those that do not earn a living as dungeon
adventurers are often found serving warlords, slaying bandits, or ruling the world. They also tend to eat a lot, perhaps to replenish their energy.

 Good Clerist (Dynamic Sorcerer Class)

Template Cost: 10 Character Points
Stats: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 12

Art of Distraction +1, Divine Relationship +2, Dynamic Sorcery (Class Feature) +1, Highly Skilled +1, Organizational Ties (Church of Osiris) +1, Channel Energy (Positive Energy Special Attack: Burning (Undead), Healing (the Living), Spreading) +1

Attack Restriction +1, Magical Restriction (Works at pleasure of Deity) +1, pick one defect: Easily Distracted (Innocents in Danger) +1, Marked (holy ankh tattooed on forehead) +1, Nemesis (Evil Cultists) +1, Reoccuring Nightmares (tempted by evil) +1

Skills: Knowledge: Appraise +5, Knowledge: Area (Nile Valley) +5, Knowledge: Cultural Arts (Nobility) +5, Knowledge: Religion (Pharonic) +5, Linguistics (World Wide Language) +5,  Melee Attack +1, Melee Defense +1

Feats (choose any 2): Combat Martial Arts, Endurance, Iron Will, Dazzling Display

Domains: Good and Nobility
Spells: As the Battle Mage above, but choose 12 spell slots from the Cleric spell list.  At least 2 of these have to be related to your God's domains.  All DCs are per Advanced d20 Magic.

This occupation describes a priest or priestess whose powers come from a heavenly source, or possibly from benevolent nature spirits. He or she has sworn to help the innocent and fight evil. These characters are especially effective in battling evil spirits, undead, and demons, but otherwise their magic is primarily supportive and protective in nature.

Mystical Maker (Adventurer Class)

Character Points: 10 points.
Stats: Str 12, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 13

Attributes: Divine Relationship +2, Heightened Awareness +1, LRM (Unique Attribute, see below) 4 pts, Mechanical Genius +1, Telekinesis +2, Telepathy +2

LRM  4 pts for simple objects, 8 pts for complex machines:  Allows one to "pull" objects from the Ether.  Most any object can be "pulled" from the Ether.  Money, balls of string, pencils, parts for a vehicle, large quartz crystals, most anything you can imagine.  Note, it's also possible to pull complex machines from the ether (i.e. lightsaber, car, etc)., but such an ability requires 8 pts/rank (to overcome any mental or emotional blocks). 

Choose 2 Defects: Famous +1, Ism (Makerism) +1, Marked +1, Significant Other +1, Skeleton in the Closet +2

Skills:  Ranged Defense +1, Ranged Attack +1, Appraise +7, Knowledge: Arcane (Psionics) +7, Knowledge: Physical Sciences (Quantum Physics) +7, Linguistics (World Wide Language) +7, Swim +1

Feats (choose 2): Combat Martial Arts, Endurance, Iron Will, Dazzling Display

This occupation describes a psion who is capable of making things.  His powers come from what he is, an energetic, infinite, vibrational being able to alter the "music" of the universe to his desire.  Makers are either famous or reviled, for they reject the Victim Mentality.   Most people either don't like it when they are told their belief that they are victims is flawed (which is true) or they embrace the truth that they are also creators of their own lives.  Adventuring makers choose adventuring to make their living, while others work to heal the sick and make blind men see.

Mystical Knight (Adventurer Class)

Character Points: 15
Stats: Str 15, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 15

Attributes: Art of Distraction +1 or Aura of Command +3, Combat Mastery +1, Damn Healthy +1, Divine Relationship +1, Organizational Ties (Church of Horus) +1, Highly Skilled +1, Servant (Squire) +1, Transmutation: Knight Power Up +3 (own clothes into Battle Armor with sword, 3 Energy Points)

Ageism +1, Magical Restriction (Must Transform) +1, and any 3 defects: Attack Restriction (Good Alignment) +1, Not So Strong +1, Red Tape (Orders from the priests of Horus or Horus himself) +1, Unskilled +1, Wanted (Forces of Set hunt the character) +1

Skills: Diplomacy +6, Knowledge: Area (Nile Valley) +4, Knowledge: Area (Atlantis) +4, Knowledge: Religion (Pharonic) +4, Melee Combat (Long Sword) +1, Melee Defense (Heater Shield) +1, Profession: peasant +5

FEATS (choose any 2): Cleave, Power Attack, Endurance, Improved Initiative

The Magical Knight is the fantasy equivalent of the magical girl. He or she looks like an ordinary
kid, often only 10-14 years old, but with an appropriate phrase can “power up” into an armoured
warrior with limited magical powers.

The Magical Knight transforms by using the Transmutation magic power to turn their own
clothes and a talisman of some sort into a suit of cheesecake armour (page 27) and finely crafted weapon(usually a longsword). Only after transforming can the Magical Knight use his or her other Magic Powers. The transmuted weapon also serves as a magic power focus for the Special Attack. This type of character usually has either a mystical guardian or talking animal companion as a patron and/or advisor. More often than not, the patron serves to rein in the Magical Knight’s youthful enthusiasm and channel it into more “productive” venues.

Mecha Knight (Mecha Pilot Class)

Template Cost: 10 character points
Stats: Str 11, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 13 

Attributes: Combat Mastery +1, Highly Skilled +1, Own a Big Mecha +2, Personal Gear +1

Pick 2 defects: Ageism +1, Conditional Ownership (Atlantean Defense Force or Lemurian Defense Force) +1, Nemesis (Wizard from Mu seeking the secret of Mecha) +1, Owned by a Nation +1, Red Tape (Orders from Superiors) +1, Wanted +1

Skills: Computer Use +6, Driving +6, Knowlege: Mechanics +6, Melee Attack +1, Melee Defense +1, Pilot +6, Ranged Attack (Energy Gun) +1, Ranged Attack (Mini Missiles) +1

Feats (Choose 2): Dodge, Skill Focus: Driving, Power Attack, Transform Mecha

The Technology of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu are beyond us.  Their computers are an array of psychic or magical crystals, and they power their machines with crystal lattices beside the usual wiring.  Atlantis and Lemuria are the only nations in the world that have the capability to produce Mecha = machines that move with the fluidity of a human being; while Mu still uses jets, aircraft carriers, and mostly magic.  Atlantean, Lemurian, and Mu technology are highly resistant to EMP blasts from a Nuclear Bomb or some other source.

The Mecha Knight is a specialized warrior (often a young boy or girl) who uses a suit of clockwork or magical armour to overcome his or her own physical shortcomings (or enhance his or her natural abilities, if not a child) to fight against evil. The Knight’s “mecha” may be unique, perhaps the result of a mad wizard’s experiments or a secret project by a kingdom, in which case the character may be in the employ of its inventor, field-testing it as he adventures. Alternatively, he or she may have stolen it from its rightful owner (who may be evil) and is now wanted throughout the land for this crime.

(Mecha can be made with d20 Mecha).

Next: more classes for Atlantis: Fantasy Adventures in the Neolithic Age.

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