Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is clothing the hieght of Sophistication?

Trying to think over a costume dilemma for Atlantis citizens -- now that Advanced Dynamic Clothing Control is available for DAZ Studio users (which means I can probably get the Dynamic Tunic on DAZ 3D, which was the height of Fashion during the Neolithic through the Iron Age in the Middle East region).   Problem is . . .

Europeans wore the standard boots, tight fitting pants, multicolored shirts, and coats and gloves ensemble.  I don't know what it actually looks like but to me, that sounds like modern clothing.  Guaranteed, Europe and Africa are about as far away from America as one can get, but this creates a conundrum.

NO style, whether it is a flapper dress from the '20s, or an Ancient Egyptian styled dress from the New Kingdom, is ever novel and new.  Only we think we are at the height of technology (ironically).  But whether we have a computer made of integrated circuits or an array of crystals; one thing we can't get away from.  Nothing in fashion is ever new.  Never has been, never will be.  Even if you live in India before 400 A.D. when it was okay for women to wear just a sari kilt.

So the problem remains.  Do I romanticize, or what?  And why do we think of clothes for a level of sophistication?

Unbelievable but true, there are reports of men and women who have seen the Christ. Not unexpected but in their conversations with the Christ, the Christ asked one to take off his clothes (like he asked Moses to remove his sandals).

It was an object lesson for the man, actually.  But one would think that if clothes are so important, why would the Christ ask one to shuck off an article of clothing?

You don't need clothing to be sophisticated.

Atlantean Style

I may have to turn to Classical Painters for help on this one.  Atlantean style is a mix of the minimal and the classical.  But remember this: no clothing style is ever new.  Even if everyone runs around in short skirts, black pants, and shirts from Star Trek.

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