Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ally Reports: The Psion Force! Update

The Psion Force is going in for a rewrite (revision).  After running 3 M&M scenarios for friends of mine on Open RPG, I have better grasp of the rules and how they work.

It is the d20 system, but its rewritten to handle a 4-color Comic World.  If you recall, the Psion Force is a comic book superhero team of heroes who aren't mutants like the X-Men, they aren't experiments like Captain America, and they aren't metahumans like Superman or mutates like Spider-man.  They aren't results of accidents.  They are designed to represent the human potential in extreme ways.  And they all had a common origin -- an experience that drastically changed them.

Nucleon used to be an ordinary man who lived day to day.  But he changed for the better and now lives for eternity.

Doctor Psi found his true fear, loss of popularity.  A follower of what is popular in Psychology today, Doctor Psi is increasingly feeling distant after his origin experience, and it scares him.

Hammer wanted a normal life.  After his change, he is thrust into the role of a superhero, and he didn't want that.

The Golden Alacrity is the "Speedster" and "transporter" of the team.  She has accepted her awakening because it gives her a new lease on her old life.

Aletheia was a Jewish domestic terrorist.  Since her change, she is no longer involved in domestic terrorism, but wants to repair the damage that she had done.

Stilletto is a U.S. Agent who can't quite leave the CIA.  Her change just enhanced her abilities and usefulness to the CIA.

Major Force's status in the U.S.M.C. changed from an ordinary ground pounder to a curiosity that is hidden away in Area 51.

While Lioness and Icon are at odds with each other.  Her emotions spark her power, and his power is at his best when he is at an emotional balance.

Their powers maybe outside the realm of what we see everyday, but they could be probable.

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