Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Dynamic Duo, Issue #1???

No, it's not Batman and Robin, it's Dragonburst and Da Crusha.

Sometimes, you give a copy of DC Adventures to a player and they are overwhelmed with what they can do with it.  It shouldn't take a whole two hours to hash out a superhero that can beat up the bad guys.  You got a concept, design some complications, and run with it.

Fox and Heather took about an hour to hash out their characters, but these guys were stuck at concept phase.  Just create a character and go with it, that's what I always say.  Being stuck at concept phase just grind things down to a halt.  Ambush Bug not withstanding.

Anyway, they want to play, I want to run something where they aren't limited, and boom.  They are stuck. To many ideas.   So, will you see an issue of Dragonburst and Da Crusha?  Maybe.

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