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A Treatise on the Force

The Star Wars Saga has been one of the best series of movies that came out of Hollywood in the late 20th Century and part of the Early Twenty-first.  The most important message of the Saga was the message about the Force.

If you remember the first movie, Episode 4, Obi-wan Kenobi introduced Luke Skywalker to the Force.  He described the Force as an energy field generated by all living things.  It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the Galaxy together and started Luke on his path on becoming a Jedi and facing the two Dark Lords of the Sith.

As the stories of Star Wars continued to expand, we learned much of the Jedi and the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Republic, the Sith Empire, and the Galaxy.  Recently, last year, Star Wars: the Old Republic Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) was released.  This game answers most of the questions of the Jedi and the Sith.  Where did they start?  How did they come to be?  What actually happened?  However, watching on-line Lets Plays reveals something of the players of the game.  More people played as Sith Lords or as Jedi than as Troopers, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and Imperial Agents.

Understanding Star Wars

Star Wars sets itself apart from Star Trek in the basic idea that the premise of both are incredibly different.  Star Trek presents a positive view of Science and the Achievement of Man.  Star Wars is a Spiritual, almost religious, Myth.  Both are the brain children of two men.  One was a police officer, the other was a racer.  The second, George Lucas, was in a car accident while racing.  According to his biography, George Lucas was in the hospital when he came to learn of the Force.  The Star Wars movies presents his beliefs about the Force.  A lot of people believe that the Force is fiction. However, in the twentieth Century, Science has been done before the Movies had ever come out, that may prove that the Force is an actual reality.

Doctor Riche and the Force

Doctor Riche was a German Scientist who made an interesting discovery.  He practically discovered an energy that is present in all living things -- he called it the Orgone Energy.  What he found was that the Orgone came in two flavors -- Positive Orgone and Deadly Orgone.  Positive Orgone -- which he called POR -- can heal and cause growth in an organism if properly accumulated.  Deadly Orgone causes Dis-Ease (disease) and sickness in an organism and can eventually kill.

When he published his discoveries and experiments with Orgone, Doctor Riche came under attack by a vicious smear campaign.  He was eventually found guilty by an obscure health law, imprisoned, and his books burned.  His life destroyed, this gentle scientist died in Prison.  But the discoveries he has made with life and energy was so significant that Doctor Albert Einstein was impressed.  Not impressed enough to endorse Doctor Riche, but impressed.

Since then, we have Photographic Proof of the Orgone Energy.  It appears as a blue glow around Astronauts, Galaxies, the Earth, and organisms in the Earth.  The Force is real enough.  So, as the Force is real -- as in actual photographic proof, what does that make us?

The Vibrational Being

As humans (and star children, and indigo children, you know who you are) we are vibrational beings.  We are capable of altering the vibrations of Energy -- the Force -- all around us to produce results.  This is either a determined result or a subconscious result.

In the movies, Force sensitives were able to show that they can control the Force, they were able to show that they can alter the Force, and sense the Force.  Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader could telekinetically move objects, see the future, and alter patterns in the Force to their desires.  Even Darth Sidious was able to do this -- as he arrogantly bragged to Vader's son how everything transpired according to his desires.

Ironically, not many people know we can do the same.  However, instead of telekinesis, and being our own seers, we alter the Force through creation.  As vibrational beings, we alter Force patterns.  However, to be able to do this, we also have to be beings of the Force ourselves.

In Episode 5 and the Episode 6 novelizations, both Yoda and Vader told Luke that we are luminous beings and not the crude matter that makes up our bodies.  This implies that we are all apart of the Force, and therefore, connected to one another.  This is the true message of the movies: that we are beings able to alter the Force.  We are luminous, spiritual beings.

The Jedi and Sith, a Critique

One of the interesting things that came out of the movies is a new religion that has appeared on Earth.  This religion is called the Jedi religion and it's been pieced together from the movies.  However, I'd like to say that although the Jedi and Sith in the movies are on the right track, they have existed so long in that Galaxy that both have missed the mark as a Religion.  Both Jedi and Sith are members of the same religion -- just that one side believes in strict monastic, or Aesthetic beliefs and the other indulges in the opposite.

What Happened on Tython
The MMORPG gets into what happened on Tython, the home planet of both Jedi and Sith, a little.  From what is said on the Wookieepedia, those that followed Ashla and Bodan had a dichotomous disagreement over how the Force should be used.  The Ashlar believed that strict control over one's passions is the key, while the Bodanists believed that unbridled emotion is the key to getting results.  A fight broke out, and the result was a true schism.  The Bodanists were eventually banished and the Ashlar, who became the Jedi, left the planet on their own accord, relocating on Coruscant.

The Bodan Jedi eventually found the Sith aliens and conquered them, becoming the Dark Lords of the Sith according to the Galactic Record.  The Ashla Jedi simply became the Jedi.  The two constantly clashed, but the two groups truly balanced one another.  The Jedi can't exist without the Sith, it's impossible.  If one group was destroyed, that group will eventually arise from the one who is victorious.  So, the Galaxy was in balance because of the existence of both Jedi and Sith.  However, both are wrong in their approach to the Force and the role of emotion.

I thought about what it would be like if Jesus Christ was born on Tython and how the Jedi and Sith would respond to his teachings.  Jesus Christ, who would be the ultimate Force user, would probably put the Jedi Council and the Dark Council in a total tizzy.  His teachings would bring both councils into an uproar as he  probably would denounce both Sith and Jedi as hypocrites and taught the common people their secrets.

Jesus, a man of infinite love and compassion, would suffer death after their hands.  Both the Jedi and the Sith would slay the Great Sage of Nazareth.  So, I figure that there was probably a third group of Jedi on Tython, who strived to be one with the Living Force by neither denying emotion nor letting it run unbridled, but experienced emotion and were passionate enough to deliberately create from the Force.

Christianity and the Force

Most people don't understand that they are Children of the Force.  However, all people on the Planet Earth has at least three fathers:  the Father of our Intelligence, the Father of our Spirits, and our Earthly father make up the trinity that gives us our origins.  Christians have a fourth father: Jesus Christ himself.  All Christians -- whether baptized by proper authority or not, have taken upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ.  But lets talk about these fathers, each in turn.

The First Father is our Earthly father.  Our Earthly fathers have given us life by having sex with our mothers.  When a father and a mother come together and become one flesh, they create new Life.  Both must unite in this common purpose to create a body of Flesh and Blood so that we may experience Earth Life and learn from our experience.  Through our Earthly father and mother, we are given a physical body so we can experience what we truly desire through our five senses -- Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight, and Hearing.

The Second Father is our Heavenly Father -- the Great Eternal.  He is known by many names, but its most proper to call him Heavenly Father.  The Jews call him Elohim, but in that, there is a strong problem.  The word Elohim is plural.  Our Heavenly Father is immortal, meaning that he has both Life Eternal -- a body of Flesh and Bones -- and Eternal Life.  He is the father of our Spirit, or as the Psychologist would say, the father of our Consciousness.  The process of creating Spirit bodies, however, is similar to creating a body of flesh and blood.

The Third Father is the Force itself.  Our intelligence, our power and will to act, has to have an Origin.  This is the Force, or more properly, the Holy Spirit.  In ancient Hebrew the Holy Spirit is known as Ruach, which means wind, breath, mind, and spirit.  We are all Children of the Holy Spirit.  In a fit of Understanding Itself and seeking to be more, the Holy Spirit split a part of itself into infinite parts.  These parts are us.  All of us.  Man, Animal, Plant, Mineral.  All of us are a part of the Force or the Holy Spirit. Therefore, as a part of the Force, we are all connected to the Force, and through the Force, we are connected to each other.  We are children of the Holy Spirit, and as such we are capable of having anything, doing anything, and being anything.

If we desire to lift an object without touching it, we can do so.  If we desire to see the future and the past, we can do so.  If we desire to leap high, cast Force lightning, and do other things beautiful, great, and terrible; we can do so.  If we desire an abundance of goods, we will have them.  If we desire to reject the message of Salvation, we can do so (and many have done so).  The Force exists to grant our every desire, whether good or evil, bad or righteous, such desires are always granted by the Force.

The Fourth Father however, pertains to Christians.  This fourth Father is Jesus Christ himself.  As Christians, we have taken upon ourselves His name, and acknowledge Him to be the Father of our Salvation.  Jesus Christ made it possible for us to come into Heavenly Father's presence.  As Christians, we are to put our trust in Jesus Christ's sacrifice and live our lives according to how the Holy Spirit or the Force, directs us to live.

In this way, Jesus Christ is our Messiah, our Savior.  He saved us from our sins, or our rebelliousness against the Holy Spirit.  He saved us from an eternity of pain and suffering.  Jesus also has another identity.  Jesus, whose English name means NOTHING in Hebrew, was given the Hebrew name of Yeshua -- which is transliterated into English as Joshua.  Yeshua, or Yahshua, means in Hebrew "Yahweh is Salvation."

This means that Jesus is Yahweh (pronounced "Yah-way").   This also means that Yahweh is Jesus. The God of the Old Testament, the God that commanded the Israelites to leave Egypt and to slay the Canaanites, is Jesus Christ of the new Testament.  They are one and the same.  When you speak of Yahweh, you are speaking of Jesus Christ.  And when you are speaking of Jesus Christ, you are speaking of Yahweh.  Jesus was crucified and was resurrected, meaning that he has a body of Flesh and Bone and is fully alive.

Jesus doesn't sleep, he is very aware of what is going on with the World and he has pleaded with His people in the latter days to repent and to believe upon Him and to forsake our vain quest for popularity and material things.  Jesus has had enough with the wayward ways of His nation, and He will chastise His nation for our adulterous and slutty behavior.  However, Jesus is full of infinite love and compass ion.  He has sent a Prophet for those who want to live through his judgement of America, he will call those who will listen.  These are His elect, and he will have them be prepared so he can have a nation of Priests and Priestesses, Kings and Queens once again.

In Summation

So to conclude the Treatise, the Force in Star Wars is an actual thing.  It has been scientifically documented and experimented with by Doctor Wilhelm Riche.  The Force is Orgone Energy, and there is photographic proof of the Force.

The Force is the father of our Intelligence.  Because we are the Children of the Force, we are all connected to one another.  We are also infinite as the Force is infinite, and we are capable of having anything, doing anything, and being anything we desire.  We are truly the Children of God.

The Great Eternal, our Heavenly Father -- is the Father of our Spirits.  The Spirit is the blueprint, or pattern, of our bodies.  The Spirit gives our Intelligence definition and form.  The Great Eternal, our Heavenly Father -- has a body of Flesh and Bones.  Therefore, he was once a man liken unto our Earthly father.  He was once mortal and had mortal children.  Now he has an immortal body and has immortal children.

Our Earthly fathers are the fathers of our bodies.  Our Earthly father, with the help of our Earthly mother, made it possible to for us to have a mortal body and to be able to experience Earth life.  With a body we are capable of making manifest our desires, through the Force, into physical reality.

Our Father of our Salvation is Jesus Christ.  As Christians, we have taken upon ourselves his name and promised not to be hypocrites -- saying one thing but doing another.  Doing so is taking the name of Christ in vain.  Vanity is a shallow thing when made manifest, especially as Christians.  It is easier to be a Christian in vain, though -- than it is to be a Christian in reality.  A vain Christian has the pride and popularity of the World.  A real Christian is thought of as peculiar, strange, and weird by the World.  Such a man or woman is laughed at, spit upon, thought of as crazy, weird, and eventually may find himself under physical persecution for his belief in Christ.  He may even lose his life for the Father of his Salvation.

The Force is a real thing.  We are real Children of the Force, or God.  As such, we should do everything we can to Learn about ourselves, the reality of ourselves, and seek Atonement with God.  We are to become one with God and eventually become as Exalted as the Great Eternal is.

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