Friday, January 30, 2009

Designing your Own Rolemaster Adventure, Part 2

Now with our adventure planned out, we can go into doing the floor plan. There is one thing about the Crac des Chevaliers, our "castle set piece." There is a floor plan laid out for us.

Floor Plan

Click the picture link for the full resolution and download (80o pixels, but in Photoshop you can blow it up with little trouble). If you notice, this floor plan comes from the 1800's, and the person that did it up already labeled each room for us with a letter.

So we have lots of places to put some monsters and some traps (like yellow mold and green slime). We can also decide where Juno, our foil, is holed up planning her wicked and selfish deeds.

Looking over the map, you can see some stables and a barracks. These places are unkeyed (no letters). The Castle Keep is also unkeyed. It is also in the middle of the castle, and equates to nothing but a great hall. This is the place where we can put our illusionist foil. According to the Artist's rendering of the Crac des Chevaliers, the Hospitalers have built at least four stories of rooms into this Crusader castle. Lets assume some of them are destroyed, adding structural decay and damage to our list of dangers.

This means that some of the letters have rooms on top of each other. So, when I key these letters, I will add numbers. This will make Keying easier. Next post will deal with keying each room with monsters and traps; and maybe some treasure that hasn't been looted yet.

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