Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eladrin Lantern Bearer

Eladrin Lantern Bearer by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

An image for the Forgotten Realms setting.  The Sun Elf/Eladrin is standing to greet the dawn in Evereska.  The image was done with UberEnvironment 2 for ambient lighting.  I then had two distant lights: one for radiosity, another for the Sun.  I then added a spotlight to bring out the elf a bit more.

The Eladrin was made with VAMP's Syndori morphs except: Utopia was set to .4 and Voluptuous set to .6.  certain muscles were set to .20 to .37.  I then Steph 4's petite morph set to 1. I then used Aiko's pigtail with the color set to Auburn. :)  Rendered in DS3A.  The background is from Fantasy Stock, and it's Misty Morning 4.


In Roleplaying Games, not all changes are for the better, and not all changes are for the bad. Be critical of any new Roleplaying Game you buy. 

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