Thursday, July 7, 2011

After the New York Gay Vote

Chris Sawyer, a furry artist based out of Los Angeles asked:

All of these banners appeared on freeway overpasses here in Los Angeles bearing dire religious messages.

I can't imagine what the knuckledraggers in the mid west might be doing. Come on christian america! Why is gay people having equal rights so scary???


Verily, thus saith the Lord concerning that which shall shortly come to pass. Yea, that which shall terminate in the death and misery on hundreds of millions. This people will not heed the signs given. Their sorrow after the events of 911 have passed quickly. They laugh at a woman who mocks my commandments, who wears the suit of a man, and surrounds herself with people who have rejected me and my commandments. They who turn away their ears from hearing my commandments; their prayers shall be an abomination unto me.
The destruction of the twin towers of Babylon, and the fires and deaths only portrays that which shall shortly come upon this whole nation. They embrace the pollutions and doctrines of Babylon. I have said that Babylon would be destroyed in one hour. Those high buildings of glory both came down in one hour. Such shall this contemptible, despicable nation be. It shall perish in one hour. Scorners shall see it come. 
I told Isaiah when the towers fall there shall be great slaughter. And devouring fire, tempest, and hailstones.      ("A"-bomb-a-nation" = Fallout)
The abomination of desolation shall stalk the land and consume the wicked. Yea, men shall curse God because of that sickness. They think their judgment is more righteous than God. They will pray in vain for peace. But I will not hear them, because they have rejected mine word. That law which is my command. As with the minister so it shall be with the people. The rich and the poor. The high and the low, they shall all shed blood and rot together. The merchants of the earth shall weep when they see the smoke of Babylon burning. Because no one will buyeth their merchandise any longer. 
The blind leaders, and all the people have closed eyes and cannot see the signs of their destruction in time to repent.
I cannot void my words given unto holy men in the past.
What has been fortold must come to pass. Men and women harden their hearts instead of opening their eyes to see what will save them. Instead of seeing the sin of this nation, they accuse others to justify their abominable acts.
I have said before that the righteous few left shall tread upon the ashes of the wicked. The daughters of Zion are about the most rebellious. They teach their children not to obey our fathers commands. But they embrace the doctrines and heathen ideas of Babylon. See how many will embrace the heathen idea of Babylon and decorate their homes and shops, with ribbons and ornaments in the shortly coming days ahead. 
I shall scab their heads, and slay their men because they continue in their traditions. Why should I continue with this generation any longer?  Yea, the past 40 years have been enough. They have no prayer in their schools. The races mix their blood to their own death. They strive for the pleasures of this world and embrace the sins of Sodom.
I have told thee before that I have had enough!
Some ask how could such disaster as 911 happen? Others know, how could it not happen! This people reject the words of Moses; the commands of God to his people. Today they have so rejected God that they are no longer his people, and they  deserve what they get. I say again some women are the worst. They shall weep bitter tears in vain for their children because they have taught them by their own example to reject God and all of his commandments which are written to see.
I told thee before that they will reject thy warnings until their blood is shed. This must be so because they have rejected me and the holy men that I have sent before thee.
They will excuse away thy words as those of a crazy man.
Yet they seek not to know and understand themselves.
I must rid the earth of their kind. My Kingdom shall come, the time is fulfilled, my Kingdom shall be established.
My rule shall come. They who fight me shall be slain before me as I have said in the past. Woe unto Zion, thy destruction and desolation is at hand. Weep ye for their sins.     Even so, Saith the Lord your God.

Plain, isn't it?  People laugh at the man who received this revelation, but I can't ignore this.  There are too many people who see and say the same thing.  Forcing the Christian Church to marry those with same sex attraction is prelude to Nuclear Annihilation.   Besides, Gay Advocates are useful idiots to the corrupt and evil among the ruling class.  They will probably be the first up against the wall when the Communist Revolution comes.  Is there any reason why Jesus should not order the U.S. to suffer Nuclear War?


Anonymous said...

"Is there any reason why Jesus should not order the U.S. to suffer Nuclear War?"

I used to think you were a decent person.

No longer.

If you look over the United States of America and cannot see a single reason Jesus shouldn't launch nukes, your heart is blacker than sin.

I hope your remaining life is as tragic as what you wish upon the good people of this world.


Anonymous said...

Concurring with Timothy. I liked your gaming articles and the questing nature I thought I saw in some of your non-rpg posts, but now I can see that you are truly locked in.

I'm sad that this has to be inside you.


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