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The Force -- a Scientific Point of View

We have all watched Star Wars: A New Hope.  Some uncountable times.  We all have our opinions on the movies -- from midichlorians to Jar Jar Binks to the Ewoks to the annoying habit of Star Wars fans snubbing each other if they liked or disliked the Prequels or the original Trilogy.

However, all of these things pale in comparison to the concept of the Force in the films.  This blog article will explore the Force and it's possibility of actually being the one thing about Star Wars that is true.  So, lets discuss the nature of the Force.

The Force is an energy field that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the Galaxy together.  So did Obi-Wan Kenobi explain to Luke Starwalker.  It is also the source of the powers of the Jedi Order, and ostensibly the Sith.  In the Star Wars universe, the Force was discovered by scientists and its existence was universally accepted some 25 thousand years before the Battle of Yavin.  Scientists, philosophers, and mystics came to Tython to debate and discuss the scientific merits of the Force.  Out of the debates came a rich understanding of the Force.

Afterwards, the debates turned into the formation of the Je'daii -- the first Jedi Order.  However, a few have studied how strong emotions affected the force and opposed the Je'daii -- peacefully at first.  The Je'daii turned to use the light side of the Force, which was named Ashla.  While those in opposition used the dark side of the Force, which was named Bogan.

Through the Force, the Je'daii can see into the future, read other people's minds, and telekinetically lift things.  Those that use Bogan noticed that the Force was stronger with strong emotions.  And besides psychokinesis, telepathy, and future sight they also gained the ability generate a powerful plasma energy current called "Force Lightning."

Thinking that the concepts of the Force espoused by the students of Bogan was a perversion of the Force, the Je'daii attacked the students of Bogan.  The Je'daii called them Dark Je'daii -- a force of evil who were trying to influence the fledging Je'daii council to evil. Master Rajavari, who thought that the fledging Je'daii council was becoming too strict and dogmatic, led the Dark Je'daii against their oppressors.  Many of his apprentices were cut down, killed, and were forced off of Tython.

The Je'daii became the Jedi Order and they became the protectors of peace and Justice throughout the Galactic Republic.  It makes for great science fiction, and became one of the foundations of one of the Greatest Stories ever told -- the original Myth of Star Wars.  And George Lucas really didn't believe that Episode IV would ever succeed.  However, what if it was Science Fact?  What if the Force was discovered here, on Earth, before George Lucas wrote about it?  What if a true scientist described the Force and called it something else?


Orgone Energy

A not very long time ago relative to the stories of the Star Wars films, a Doctor Wilhelm Reich -- who was employed by Marxists in Germany -- started work on something that could have revolutionized scientific thought back in the late '20s and early '30s.  Trained in Psychoanalysis by Doctor Sigmund Freud, Dr. Reich was a psychologist on the highest order.  He started work on the Libido -- or "animal magnetism" as known colloquially.  As he delved deep in the nature of the Libido, he discovered something extraordinary.

What Dr. Reich discovered is called Orgone Energy.  Mystics call it God.  Classical science called it the Ether, until Einstein.  Charles Littlefield calls it vital magnetism, and Henri Bergson called it the élan vital -- "The vital force."  And George Lucas?  He simply called it "the Force."  Latter-day Saints, who I count myself as a member, call it the Holy Spirit.  The orgone energy is best defined as the creative force in nature.

First of all, a couple of points about Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  He did not set out to make a great discovery.  He didn't want to revolutionize scientific thought.  Not at all.  The man simply observed what he saw, wrote it down in his journals, and did experiments.  He found the facts and organized them as they appeared, as he studied Nature and understood the creative substratum of the Universe.  What he discovered is the same energy that flowed in the same sexual embrace is present in all nature.  Both living and nonliving, and that it was the governor of the most significant and widespread of natural functions. Orgone energy underlies the following classification of phenomena.

A. Consciousness -
     1. Sensation
     2. Emotion
     3. Perception
     4. Thought.

B. Life --
     1. Animal Movement
     2. Biogenesis
     3. Reproduction
     4. Evolution
     5. Growth.

C. Atmospheric and Cosmic processes:
     1. Clouds
     2. Storms
     3. Electricity at all scales (Earthly, Atmospheric, Cosmic)
     4. Creation of matter at all scales (atom, planet, star, galaxy)

These follow Reich's discoveries and investigations into the orgone -- from psychiatry to medicine and biology to physics.


Properties of Orgone Energy vs. the Force

Orgone Energy has the following properties as discovered by Dr. Reich.  It is the creative force in Nature, so it is expected that such a force would have these properties.  After all, it is not electromagnetism nor matter, but it is fundamental to both.  Our knowledge of the orgone is fragmentary at best, but perhaps, when we receive a deeper understanding we will gain as deep a perspective as the Jedi Order and the Sith in the Star Wars Universe.

1. It is mass free.  The first property found that it has no inertia nor weight, so by all counts it is mass free. This is why it is difficult to measure with our crude instruments.  Mass, however, is intimately dependent on these characteristics.  Measurements of weight and inertia reflect the characteristics of this field as well as the object within it.  The Force is mass free in the Star Wars Universe.

2. It is present everywhere. The second property discovered by Dr. Reich.  Orgone energy fills all space -- so it is analogous to Zero Point Energy, the energy that can be used someday to power our cities.   However, it is present in different degrees or charges but is no where absent.

The Force in Star Wars is present everywhere as well.  It was present in different degrees or charges but is nowhere absent.  Concentrations of the Force can be felt by Luke Starwalker in the Star Wars films.  This was telling when Luke Starwalker felt an unusual concentration of the Dark Side of the Force in Episode V.

3. Its the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. Like the Ether, the orgone energy is the basis of the most fundamental of natural phenomena.  It is the medium through which light moves and the electromagnetic and gravitational fields exert themselves.

In the Star Wars films, we see the Jedi and Sith generating seemingly miraculous feats.  Psychokinesis, empathy, telepathy, and energy generation in the form of Force Lightning, and even Satele Shan blocking a lightsaber with her hand, was the Jedi demonstrating that the Force is the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena.  And the Jedi and Sith have control over how this worked due to their understanding of the Force.

4. Orgone energy is constantly in motion. Continual motion of the orgone energy can be observed in certain conditions.  The energy follows an organic flow that is like the DNA helix, and flows as a pulsation.  GL didn't get into the physics of how the Force moved in the Films, nor is it explored in the Expanded Universe as far as I know.  But the Force is also constantly in motion.

5. Orgone Energy contradicts the Law of Entropy. Probably the best case for Immortality is the property of the Orgone Energy to contradict the Law of Entropy.  The energy is attracted to higher concentrations of it.  In other words, it moves from cold to warm.  This breaks a law of Thermodynamics, in which heat moves from warm to cold.

To explain, Heat energy as we know it seeks to balance itself out.  When you heat a mug of hot chocolate and leave it out, it's heat will dissipate into the room until the hot chocolate is at room temperature. This is how everything in the system is the same temperature.  In other words, Entropy increases as the the heat is distributed more evenly.

However, orgone process works in the opposite direction.  High concentrations of orgone energy attract orgone energy towards them.  In orgone, cold orgone is attracted to hot orgone and entropy decreases as orgone energy is distributed more and more unevenly.  However, it is wrong to simply reverse the Thermodynamic equations to represent orgone.  Orgone energy is fundamentally different from heat and other energy sources we know about.  But it is these processes that are responsible for learning and growth. within living systems, and directs evolution along it's path.  In the non-living nature, the process governs the formation of clouds, storms, and Galaxies.

The Force also contradicts Entropy.  This is subtly demonstrated in the films in the strength that the Jedi have in feeling the Force, with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader being the pinnacle of Force Sensitivity in many, many years.  Also, in the films, many of the Jedi were losing their sensitivity to the Force.  Even Master Yoda was doing so.  How they were losing their sensitivity hasn't been stated, but the Force must have been flowing away from most of them as It tried to find balance within itself.

6. Orgone Energy forms units which are the foci of creative activity.  Orgone energy units may be living or nonliving.  In living matter you have the bion (or midichlorian), the cell, the plant, and the animal, and finally Man.  In nonliving matter you have the atomic particle, the atom, the cloud, the storm, the planet, the star, and finally the Galaxy.  All of these have features in common.  All are negatively entropic in the sense discussed above. All of them have life cycles, and all of them receive energy from their environment.

The Force also form units which are the foci of creative activity. In Episode V, Yoda describes the Force as something generated by Life and Life makes it grow.  He also says to Luke that they (we?) are luminous beings and not crude matter.  However none of the Jedi nor Sith created anything seemingly out of nothing (ex nihilo).  However, just because it didn't happen in the films in such a gross way doesn't mean that the creative activity wasn't demonstrated.

Anakin Skywalker was the result of a virgin pregnancy.  Darth Plagueis the Wise was able to manipulate the midichlorians to create or sustain life unnaturally.  Luke was able to lift stones, and Yoda lifted a whole spaceship telekinetically.  Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala Skywalker got together and made two new lives together, one stronger in the Force than Anakin was.

7. Matter is created from Orgone Energy. Under the appropriate conditions, matter arises from mass free Orgone Energy.  These conditions are never rare or unusual, as Reich believed (and rightly so) that matter is continuously created on Earth.

This property of the Force is never demonstrated in the films, unless you are willing to look to the Lightsaber as demonstration of this property.  The Lightsaber, which is beyond our current technology, is capable of generating a beam of light that is limited in length and has some mass and density in order to cut through anything.  We can not produce "Hard Light."  That is, light with substance.  However, it is possible thanks to the understanding the infamous double slit experiment provides.

8. It is Responsible for Life. Life energy is orgone energy, just as orgone energy is zero point energy.  And so is responsible for the characteristics that differs living matter from non-living matter. This is observed in this way: some orgone elements develop into the special qualities that define life.  Therefore, this is chain reaction to creative activity.  And Reich has made strong studies and documents on how orgone energy governs and is governed by Life.

The Force in the films is responsible for Life.  This is demonstrated by Jedi and Sith healing abilities.  Also, to reiterate, the Force had a hand in Shmi's pregnancy with Anakin Skywalker, the Parthenogenesis of the Chosen One to bring Balance to the Force.  Which is miraculous considering that either Shmi had two X genes and a Y gene in her genetic makeup, or Darth Plagueis the Wise had a hand in making Anakin.

9. Separate streams of orgone energy may be attracted to each other and superimpose.  Most probably in a double helix, like DNA is stringed.   And how galaxies are formed from plasma.  The super imposition is the fundamental form of the creative process and is best demonstrated through human mating.  Two separate streams of Kundalini  Energy -- one from male and female, or one from homosexual pairs; flow together and superimpose during orgasm.  The power and depth felt when a man and his wife come together does reflect the intensity of the orgone energy flow that takes place.

The Star Wars films do not have on screen matings, however several movies do.  Secondly, this property of the Force has never been explored except in parody films like Spaceballs.  It was never a plot point to point out how the Force moves through the Galaxy.

10. It can be manipulated and controlled by orgone energy devices. Such devices include the orgone accumulator and orgonite.   The accumulator works by accumulating the energy in a small space, and orgonite works by accumulating energy and directing it to some goal.

In the Star Wars films and expanded Universe, the Force was never manipulated and controlled by energy devices (except perhaps the lightsaber), but by living intelligent beings -- the Jedi.  However just because the Force was manipulated by Jedi and Sith does not mean it is different from orgone energy.  More on orgone energy manipulation later.

11. Orgone energy units use stored energy of many kinds through the creative process.  Units of energy use many different types of energy to grow and maintain themselves.  Living human beings use such energy in their bodies during cellular growth and division.  We use it to make sperm and eggs.  Storms, which are also orgone energy systems, use the latent heat in water condensation to generate their power.

In the Star Wars films, this property of the Force wasn't explored, but exposited by Qui-Gon Jin to Anakin Skywalker, and via Skywalker to the audience.  Qui-Gon explains the existence of midichlorians and how they serve in biological life.  Doctor Reich discovered something like midichlorians in the blood -- he called them bions.

12. "Spontaneous Generation" or abiogenesis (which some scientists are so fond of saying happened on Earth) and other processes dealing with orgone energy requires an impeded stream of cosmic orgone energy.  Abiogenesis is really impossible in the laboratory under the conditions that scientists impose.  However, such conditions are not the right conditions to start abiogenesis, as they are abnormal from Nature. Life can and does arise under the right conditions.  This process has been described by the good Doctor.

This property of the Force was never explored in the films.  However, the Star Wars universe is a universe filled with infinite expression of Life.  There are thousands of alien lifeforms in the Star Wars Galaxy.  It's impossible for our Universe, as vast as it is, to be home to one species of intelligent Life.


Manipulation of the Force in the Star Wars films

Now that we have gone over how the Force and orgone energy are one and the same; it's time to see how it is possible given our understanding of this energy on how we can manipulate it.

Psychokinesis, Empathy, Telepathy, Precognition, Prescience and Teleportation
The Jedi and the Sith have the ability to show that they can Sense, Control, and Alter the Force according to their desires.  In the Films this is demonstrated by Telepathy -- i.e. the Jedi Mind trick; Empathy -- i.e. Luke sensing the presence of Darth Vader on the moon of Endor; Precognition and Prescience, i.e. Anakin's disturbing dreams in Revenge of the Sith; and finally Psychokinesis -- the ability of the Jedi lifting stones, pushing droids, and Darth Sidious demonstrating Force Lightning all without mechanical means.

Most of these are not in our Life Experience, so therefore given our understanding of how orgone interacts with us, these items are seemingly impossible.  No one has used Force Lightning.  And there is no truly documented case of a man or woman using psychokinesis to move objects through space without applying mechanical energy.

However, there is a scripture that states that there is a Law decreed in heaven upon which all blessings are predicated.  This is the Law of Cause and Effect, and it governs how we interact with orgone energy.  After all there is one property of the Force that we experience all the time, and we use this property mostly unconsciously.  This property is called Metacreativity or the ability to create matter from energy.

Back to the infamous double slit experiment.  If you recall, the electrons beamed through the two slits formed an interference pattern.  This baffled scientists so they set up an observer to see what was really happening.  The result was a pattern of matter rather than an interference pattern -- as if the electrons knew that they were being observed.  What was happening was that the measuring device collapsed the wave function of electrons and turned them into solid matter.  So, what does this have to do with us and what does this have to do with the Force?

Simple.  We must be vibrational beings and we have the ability to affect vibration.  Or more simply for Atheists, we create as the gods you don't believe in.  When we do not observe something directly, it transforms into an energy wave function.  When we observe something, the wave function collapses into what we unconsciously expect it to be.

We can take an infinite wave of potentials and collapse it into matter or energy that we expect it to be either unconsciously or consciously.  When we do it unconsciously, we are interacting with the Universe as a victim.  When we do it consciously, we take on the role of Creator.  In essence, we are granted whatever we deeply desire.

So, can we cast Force Lightning, do Jedi mind tricks, and telekinetically lift matter without mechanical means?  Theoretically yes.  In practice, no one wants to try since we are told it's impossible and it's believed by all to be impossible.  However, it is found that there is a relationship between us and matter far away, that we are connected to each other.  Einstein called this spooky action at a distance.

A particle can affect another particle, no matter where the second particle is in the Universe at this time.  This is shown in water experiments done by Masaru Emoto in which shows that emotion can affect the crystallization of water.  In experiment after experiment and by documenting the results through photographs, Dr. Emoto found that water affected by emotion and intent can produce different crystals.  Doctor Emoto has many different photographs ranging from what happens if water is crystalized by "You make me sick!" to water crystalized by mozart, to love and happiness.  And he found that negative emotions produce hardly any crystal structure, if at all, while love and gratitude form the most beautiful crystals in Creation.

So, what does it mean when we tell our best friend that we love them?  They are affected by it, no matter where they are in the Universe.  And if we tell them that we don't love them?  They will be affected by that.  So, in human relationships, it's far better to tell your friends that you love them than to tell them that you don't.


In conclusion: the Force in Star Wars has been discovered by Science some forty to sixty years before it appeared on film.  It's been documented, explained, and experimented with in dozens of experiments ranging from psychological to meteorological.  The Force in Star Wars is a true scientific phenomenon, it is not owned by George Lucas and never can it be claimed to be owned as an entity.  If it is, George Lucas would have to sue the makers of The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know? and countless life coaches for Patent violation.  Not to mention that he also can sue his Maker, and according to this article, the Force itself; according to the Patent laws of the United States.

However, since only the Force's action in the Star Wars films is copyrighted, George Lucas only owns the rights to the Force as it's role in the stories of Star Wars.  As the Force is a real, scientifically documented phenomenon, how we all interact with the Force makes us either Jedi or Sith.  And as such, we are able to do Anything, have Anything, and be Anything we so desire.

So as long as we are willing to accept the consequences of such.


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Before anyone ever tries to refute me out of passion, I urge you do to your own Research.   And if you do make a comment without doing the research, you are a Sith and deserve to be treated as such by your friends and colleagues.

This bibliography gives you the power to do your own research.


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This is definitely some fun reading. I particularly like how deep into conspiracy theory it gets and how Tesla used it to build flying saucers.

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