Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Known Realms

I'm taking some time out to discuss the Known Realms. It's my Rolemaster World to be precise. The Known Realms is located on a Continent about the size of North America. There's oceans, but basically they are a barrier to exploration (which can be overcome).

The Known Realms includes many kingdoms, varying in size. Most everyone speaks English in one particular kingdom, but many different languages in others (I am no linguist, so don't expect me to try and construct any languages).

It's a pretty vague land, with a jumble of different cultures and religions. It's designed to be about as varied as the Dungeons and Dragons Realm of the D&D T.V. Show. See below for part of an episode. In other words, it's just a land to set Fantasy Roleplaying Adventures on.


Anonymous said...

Works for me. Are you using the "official" Classic D&D Known Worlds, or one of your own creation?

Elton said...

Using my own. :)

The original D&D Realm was on a flat planet; mine is on a globe. :)

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