Friday, April 10, 2009

The Massalian Elves

Because I'm having Creator's Block in developing a significant Creation Myth for the Orcs of the Known Lands, I thought I'd turn my attention to the Massalian Elves. There are three things to know:

1. I got the name for the Massalian Elves from the ancient name for the city of Marseilles (Massalia).
2. They are loosely based on the Blood Elves.
3. I used the Ancient Time of Myth described in the Table of Nations (which is described in the Bible, Genesis Chapter 10). Your mileage may vary searching the Table of Nations links.

Massalian Genesis

All Massalian Elves are descended from the Eladrin (in D&D 4e, these are listed as a Core Race). The Eladrin are descended from the First Ones, who came to the world of Arborea through the use of lost technology (a Stargate? Probably). The First Ones, finding such a world as Arborea, adapted themselves to the environment using genetic engineering -- becoming the Eladrin.

The Eladrin race propagated themselves and prospered on the world. During the great Interstellar War between the First Ones and the vile Illithid; the Illithid came to Arborea and started to conquer the world. Fearing for their freedom, many of the Eladrin escaped back to the world of the Known Lands even as a First One doomsday device utterly destroyed Arborea's ecology, transforming it into a desert world where nothing can grow.

Forced to adapt in their new home and helping the First Ones, the Illithids' empire was broken and the war was over. The Illithids were forced to retreat from the Known Lands. The Eladrin then grew and prosper.

Then the war with Dragons eventually ended up in a coalition of Eladrin, Orcs, and First Ones. Even as the dragons from Draconia was defeated; the Merebemoch (Great Flood) came and flooded the whole world as the world of the Known Lands was filled with violence.

After the flood, the survivors took their places. The Eladrin settled in a land that was like Arborea, and started to propagate in the land. Hundreds of Years later, the Pelagasir Elves, elves that had been corrupted; invaded the lands of the Eladrin. The Eladrin, living in a land in a Balkan government (that is, all the Eladrin were living in un-unified city states) were easily overran.

The Pelagasiri tore the nation apart, killing many, enslaving more, and forcing many to flee to other lands for safety. The only Eladrin City State that did not suffer invasion was Massalia. It was five hunded miles away, a colony of one of the other Eladrin states. Hearing reports of invasion, the Eladrin of Massalia sent a fleet of one hundred triremes to strike at the heart of the invaders. The Pelagasiri baptised the entire Massalian fleet into the sea using Arcane Magic. A thousand men of the Eladrin drowned in the depths of the sea; including the King Faralas.

The people of Massalia were devastated by the loss. It was at this time that Prince Cadmus named the people: Massalian Elves -- as they were of Massalia. Searching for a way to defeat their enemies, the Pelagasir, Prince Cadmus transformed Massalian Culture. First, scouts stole copies of the Necronomicon and the Grimoire of Mysteries from the Pelagasir. Secondly, using the two sources of Arcane Magic, Prince Cadmus created the Council of Magisters -- powerful wizards and warlocks who harnessed arcane magic and the power of demons.

Third, Prince Cadmus changed how people devote themselves to Correllon Larethian; altering Correllon Larethian from an image of a benevolent god to a god of warriors. The Massalian Elves became regimented. In time, the use of Warlock magic made the glow in their eyes fade to a firey green. However, within their hearts burns the lust for one thing: the destruction of those who call themselves High Elves. The Pelagasiri.

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