Thursday, April 16, 2009

Print on Demand, an Open Suggestion to Wizards of the Coast

To Greg Leeds,

IT has been suggested on Enworld that Wizards of the Coast should turn to Print on Demand for all of TSR's back catalog and for their 3e back catalog. I believe it is an awesome solution. It costs more to print it through lulu, but you won't be dealing with a large inventory. Although turning most 3e stuff to the open content community would work as well, PoD works better because you are making money when you do it. An open suggestion, to be sure.

This can quickly get you out of hot water with your fans: both 4e and 3e. It will also support old school gaming and give access to the D&D Basic Set to a lot of young kids. No need to reinvent the wheel, a basic product won't be necessary. A parent just needs to go to Lulu and order a copy of the Basic Set to be printed and buy a set of dice for their impressionable, precocious child. And you will have expanded the hobby by a lot.

This doesn't prevent piracy, but it is a satisfactory way to discourage piracy for both fans and production people. Just a little bit of insight into a brillant idea about regaining what you have lost through bad publicity.

Elton Robb
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