Friday, June 19, 2009

Adapting Eberron to Rolemaster

While looking for a poser model for Deinonychus (yes, the dino in Jurassic Park) for my Eberron Conversion, I had an idea of doing an anthropological race of them. Just an idea. :D

Anyhoo, I am working on Adapting Wizards of the Coast's Eberron to Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying. I've so far statted out several of Khorvaire's Arts of Mars. And you don't have to tell me twice that D&D simulates these with single feats and tactical feats! However, Rolemaster has done them better. Here's a look at two. With video references:

Advanced Weapon Style [50 style points]
Description --- Human Swordsmanship was first developed in Sarlona thousands of years ago. From the time that it came to the Lhaazar Principalities and into Karrnathi it was developed into a dynamic, fluid, energetic art where a Karrn depended on his sword to protect him and his family from invaders. When Karrnathi was finally established, the art lived and thrived and took on a life of it's own during the War of the Mark. When the Kingdom of Galifar was established, Karrnathi Swordsmanship became the ancestor of all modern human Khorvairese weapon arts.

Recommended Skills --- War Mattock, Halberd, Broadsword, Dagger, Longsword, Short Sword, Falchion, Bastard Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Great Sword, Wrestling, Boxing, Adrenal Defense, Feinting, Disarm Foe [1h weapons and 2h weapons]

Weapon Style Abilities [Core] --- All bladed weapons [10 points], War Mattock [5 points], Halberd [5 points], Adrenal Defense, Lesser [10 points], Shield Training [20 points]

Special Ability ---
Half Swording --- A person trained in this art may use his sword as a Hammer or a Staff by holding the blade to defend himself or attack. Half-swording allows one to use Krush as an alternate critical at a -5 penalty (if one is using 2003 edition of Arms Law).

And now . . .
Advanced Weapon Art [60 Style Points]
Description --- Designed for soulknives (Kalashtar paladins or magents who take the Soulknife training package), this Martial Art was developed by the Atavists, who lead the fight against the Dreaming Dark. The Art is designed for Kalashtar soulknives to learn how to control their mindblades for maximum impact. As it is continues to be refined, the Thoughtshifting weapon art shows to be fast, fluid, and brutal.

Recommended Skills --- Mind blade attack skill, Feint, Disarm Foe (1h bladed), Adrenal Defense, Meditation
Weapon Art Abilities [Core] ---- Mindblade attack [5 points], +2 to Initiative Rolls [10 points], Adrenal Defense, Lesser [10 points], All Around Attack [15 points], All Around Defense [15], +10 bonus to Disarm Foe (1-handed Bladed) [5 points]

Weapon Art Maneuvers
Burrowing Blade --- To use this maneuver you must make a full attack with your mindblade against an opponent using a shield. In the following round, you may expend a power point to allow your next mind blade attack to ignore your foe's Shield DB bonus.
Nemesis --- This maneuver allows the Thoughtshifter to adapt his mind blade to his opponent. He must make at least one attack against the same foe for two consecutive rounds. In the next round, you can spend one power point to adapt your weapon to your foe, recieving a +2 bonus to your Mind Blade's OB. However, you take a -2 penalty to your mind blade's OB against another foe. This effect lasts until you restore the balance of your blade.
Shifting Blade --- To use this maneuver, the thoughtshifter makes a melee attack with his mind blade against a specific foe. On a melee attack against the same foe in the next round, you can spend a power point to change the shape of your mind blade to deliver an alternate critical (Puncture, Krush, Raking, Plasma, or Slash) until the start of your next turn.

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