Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons Classic

Too many people feel that there is something wrong with 4e. They aren't allowed to put their finger on it, the fanbois of WotC just shoot them down. But, 4e just doesn't feel like Dungeons and Dragons to them. 4e didn't feel like D&D to me!

A person on the ICE boards is figuring that WotC is preparing for something. Something big. This might be something like a new Digital Initiative. Or better . . . Dungeons and Dragons Classic. So, what is Dungeons and Dragons Classic? Hopefully, something real, something that will capture real D&D again. A game that will feel like what Dungeons and Dragons is supposed to feel like. But don't hold your breath.


greywulf said...

D&D Classic? I doubt it very much. They've invested too much in the look, feel and style of the current game and don't want to dilute their core brand by offering a "Classic" edition.

That's a mistake ICE themselves have done too many times with multiple conflicting versions of Rolemaster/Lite/HARP muddying the water. Thankfully that's all sorted now though.

Me, I think the next big announcement is the reboot of the D&D MMO game which is going to go head-to-head with World of Warcraft itself. Good luck to them with that.

I don't see the core RPG direction changing any time soon, and D&D Initiative is (I hope) going to die a slow and painful death. It's killed Dungeon and Dragon magazines and only given us an (admittedly very good) Character Builder that shouldn't be part of a subscription model at all.

Elton said...

If its an MMO, I'm not going with D&D. My new MMO experience will be Star Wars: The Old Republic. A D&D MMO will only work for World of Warcraft kids who haven't grown up with the game.

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