Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silsbury Creek: A Hamlet in the Known Lands

For my Rolemaster adventure I have the following information of Silsbury Creek.

Silsbury Creek is a small town located on the Caithness Isles. It's in a remote valley located some ten leagues inland from the coast. Silsbury Creek is built around a small creek that flows through the valley, providing the hamlet with water. The Valley is quite small, only 15 miles wide and 19 miles long. The local climate provides for greenery for much of the year.

Population: 150 adults, 250 children
Services: To be frank, not many.
  1. There's an inn and tavern ("Greyhound Tavern") which serves as the local entertainment spot.
  2. There is an outfitter ("Farid's Outfitting") that provides supplies for woodcutters and huntsmen.
  3. There is a Wizardly couple, Kent and Adara. Kent is a magician, and Adara is an Elementalist (fire mage). Both are training apprentices.
  4. Peirce's place. Peirce is a Massalian Elf who has come to Silsbury Creek to escape his past as an invader of Anglesey Island (now New Massalia) some thirty years ago. He's the town ranger, and he's a moody, melancholy elf.
  5. Edrand the Apothecary (Alchemy and Medicine). Edrand and his wife Fionna (a physician) are the source of medical practice here in Silsbury Creek. Edrand makes medicines and poisons, while Fionna is a midwife and chirurgeon. Edrand is also an Alchemist, and has skills relating the magical world with the physical.
  6. There is a town hall ("The House of Jarlath") where the people share a common, democratic way of doing politics.
  7. Grosmog's house ("Shaman"). Grosmog and his life Luthila are (greater) orcs from the Dragonhide tribe. The pair were considered traitors when Grosmog spoke against raiding Silsbury Creek for supplies. The pair were banished, and after the raid happened one out of five women gave birth to a half-orc baby (14 in all). Grosmog and Luthila took in three half-orc babies to raise with their three full orc children. Their adopted sons and daughters are nearing manhood and maidenhood.
  8. Justin Church ("Church of Justice"). The Local church house for the Holy Light. There are more believers in the Holy Light than there are other religions: but there are a few Christians and Pagans, which are in the minority.
Aside from a cooper, a blacksmith, a cobbler, a tailor and seemstress, a pottery maker, and a weaver; the rest of Silsbury creek is made up of fruit and vegetable farms.

A map is coming soon! :D

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