Thursday, July 2, 2009



Okay to understand my position with D&D 4e:

Dungeons and Dragons 4e is a good game. however, its too cinematic in its emphasis for my tastes; but its a good game. However, in the experience of the eye-witnesses who play it is that the power gamers are completely all over it. I find that I have a hard time playing with them because they put more emphasis on the game mechanics and less emphasis on character.

I would love to play a 4e game where people put more emphasis on roleplay. I don't want to be asked whether I'm playing a striker, a controller, a leader, or a defender. Those are predetermined roles for a style of gaming I don't want to play right now. I want to be asked what kind of character I'm playing, and where the question: "What is your character's name?" is given importance. That is the group I want to play with.

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greywulf said...

Agreed. Me, I love 4e but then our style of play does seem to fly against the way that 4e is generally perceived. We actually role-play, and make combat just another part of the action, rather being _all_ of the action.

4e does do combat very well indeed, and that overshadows the fact that the rest of the system is darned good too. The races and classes are interesting and varied, the skill challenges system is nothing less than brilliant and the DMG is one of the best RPG books ever written. It's an absolute pleasure to DM 4e D&D.

Unfortunately (thanks, I think, to the terrible layout and over-emphasis on combat in the PHB), everyone just think 4e is just a combat engine. Shame, that.

But then, 4e does have weaknesses. It's not a low-level game. I've said before that 4e begins at what would be 4th level in Third Edition D&D, so if you prefer to play those first few levels where the characters are comparatively fragile and the action is just a touch grittier, 4e isn't for you.

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