Thursday, August 13, 2009

Known Lands Journal, Entry 15

I did 14 Entries on World Building the Known Lands. In this version, we take a look at doing the Warlock class, and converting it over to BESM d20.

Q. Why BESM d20?

A. BESM d20 is actually the best d20 variant rules set out there. Or it was, when Guardians of Order went down, McKinnon sold all of his assets to White Wolf. Now with the economy in dire straits, BESM is no longer supported. BESM d20 is still the best of the d20 Variant Rules, however. And I was so impressed with Guardians of Order that I was about to enter into a publishing relationship with them to get my vision of Atlantis out to the public as part of the Guardians of Order publisher partnership program. Something I thought Wizards of the Coast aught to have done with the d20 Rules set.

Although, I'm telling you, if Wizards of the Coast would abandon part of publishing Dungeons and Dragons for themselves and become the general D&D publisher for independents, they'd make millions of dollars; because its a fine way of helping millions of gamers produce and print their stuff. Plus, the community would actually be able to support 4th Ed as it was intended.

Q. Why the Warlock?

A. Converting the Warlock to BESM d20 is quite easy, actually. Some of the special features convert straight into BESM d20 Attributes.

Because of limited HTML import in Blogger and limited space, I have created a Google Page that provides all the Warlock class information converted to BESM d20. Well, partially converted anyhow. :) Casting DCs are for Advanced d20 Magic.

The Warlock

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