Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wizards of the Coast has a fansite policy?

Oh, you can bet its up now. A fansite policy. Reading it, you can tell one thing about Wizards.


Come on, Wizards, where is the love? What happened to the hippy movement in the 1960's. The Summer of Luv, the Winter of Luv? What happened to the pioneering movement of the Open Gaming License? I think you just threw all of that away. So, just . . . stick your license up your proverbial donkey!

What? You're hiding behind that stupid Copyright Law guaranteed by the Constitution? Uhm, Wizards, you've abused that Law one too many times to hide behind it now. Look at what happened. You've set a legal precedent for games that can't be stopped (the Open Game License). Anyone can create a game now based off the d20 system, you can't stop it. Why, do you say, its your legal perogative? Look, you {expletive censored for those with sensitive eyes} Intellectual Property is a myth so DEAL WITH IT!


greywulf said...

It certainly feels like they hate us, doesn't it? :(

Elton said...

Yes, it does. Trust has a certain amount of love to go with it. This policy doesn't show at all that they trust their customers to play with their game, talk about their game, or do what they want with their game as they wish.

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