Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worgen and DAZ

After reading up that Worgen are going to be a new race for World of Warcraft, I've been taking a close look at the Lycanthropos model that DAZ sells. After, all I want to model my own worgen, and the worgen are the werewolves of World of Warcraft. And Lycanthropos are the werewolf models that DAZ sells for Poser and DAZ Studio content. So I stuck it on my wishlist.

Here are some Lycanthropos related items I have on my wishlist.

Hunter's Moon: perfect for simulating the Gilnean countryside when it isn't raining.
Raw Lycans: Wolf and Fox: just for Wolf renders. I'm not planning a wererat.
NightWolf Plus: Pretty important for those Warrior renders (Superhero morph) and female renders (female morph).

And if I want to do Gilneas City, I better ask for some Victorian City Architecture. :)

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