Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adventure to be 4th Edition?

Anyone want to see an official conversion of the current adventure I'm working on to 4th edition?

Since it's going to be open sourced, wouldn't it be better if you converted it yourself?

If you want to see the adventure I'm working on: Blood Challenge, to be statted for 4e; then there's something you've got to know.  It's a character development piece for an orc character.  Which means it follows the orc PC's character and develops him or her quite closely.  It has heavy RP elements, however don't worry, you'll get to beat people up and take their stuff. *har har*.  If you want to see it statted for 4e by me . . .stand up and be counted and write your approval on the blog.  If not, then go ahead and write your approval anyhow.  And Greywulf, the tribe in question is the Grey Wolf tribe.

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