Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Problem with the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is becoming more speculative every day.  Big Bang Supporters won't take no for an answer to their theory.  They are becoming more and more religious everyday when something is presented to them that says otherwise.  Lately, it has become a case where Man argues with God as to what the Universe should be.  Or even better, Man dictates to God how the Universe should be like.  However, God hasn't gotten the message as Nature, in all it's Majesty, cannot appreciate the perfect beauty of our equations.

Halton Arp has been excommunicated and banished to Germany by the American scientific community.  Arp had discovered some irregularities with quasars.  They had high redshifts, which would mean that they are further away from the Earth.  However, Arp discovered that the Quasars are actually connected to the galaxy they were around, and that ejection had taken place.  He even said that creation takes place in the center of galaxies.  This was a stunning blow to the Big Bang Theory, since it flied in the face of Expansion of the universe.  As a result, the scientists involved wouldn't accept such thoughts.  In fact, one of them said that the paper exceeds his imagination.  A dangerous phrase to say, since humans are supposed to have unlimited imaginations.  After all, take a look at game players -- they have very active imaginations.

Also, Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott are presenting a theory of the Universe that includes Electromagnetism as the dominate force.  They are presenting their findings in a series of videos and books published on Youtube and through Mikamar Publishing.  They contend that the strange symbols in our sky are compared to manifestations of plasma and electric discharge in our ancient skies.  The body of their work is called "Thunderbolts of the Gods", the "Electric Universe", and "Symbols of an Alien Sky."

The data they present is based on laboratory experiments and not on esoteric theory.  While Arp's data is presented on pure observation.  So, what is the layman to do?  Not being trained as a scientist, he's stuck between two opinions.  What should he do?  Research the questions as best he can to test the conclusions of both parties to see if the Universe acts more one way than the other.  That's all the layman can do.

The problem with the Big Bang is simple.  It's a theory that has holes in it.  Exotic matter (Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Dark Matter) and exotic energy (Dark Energy) are suppositions that are used to hold up the theory.  Even though computer models are used to prove the theory, that's all they are are computer models.  They aren't evidence on how things should be -- they just present a model of what you think is.

For me, the Big Bang Theory is in question.  I don't think it is something someone with any intelligence should persue and uphold -- especially with these new observations and experiments show. I believe that as more evidence about the Universe shows up, the Big Bang Theory will be abandoned for a "Steady State theory" or a "Dynamic Steady State" theory.

God only knows what the final outcome will be.  But at some time, Man will stop dictating to God how the creation of the Universe and how it works aught to be.

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