Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feds to 60 Million American Anglers: We don't need you

Our most Illustrious, most Intelligent, all Wise, and All Powerful Patsy and Tool of the Gadianton Robbers: President Barrack Obama, wants to put himself out of office. His latest outrage? Revoking recreational fishing rights on American streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

The Gadianton Robbers, also known as the Shadow Government, is Kowtowing to Environmental Groups in order to save fish from overfishing by Americans. NEVERMIND that fish often have a quick reproduction rate. NEVERMIND that the recreational Fishing Industry brings in 125 Billion dollars year into the American Economy. And NEVERMIND that many American anglers had been hoodwinked into putting him into office.

Approval ratings for Barrack Obama? Going down the tubes if this passes. If he is successful in this, his next law will be revoke hunting rights. Boy, is that going over like a ton of Bricks.

Feds to 60 Million American Anglers: We don't need you

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