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Magic Spell lists of the Known Lands

By going with Advanced d20 Magic, you have to pretty much divide your magic spells. All of them can be potentially used by every spellcaster, bringing confusion to your players.

So, lets take a look at the magic casting classes in the Known Lands:

Cleric Type -
* Priest: Civilized leader of a church or temple. (Standard Cleric)
* Druid: Caster that reveres nature. (Standard Druid).
* Shaman: Priestly caster who concentrate on spells dealing with animal spirits and elements. (Shaman from WoW)
* Paladin: A paragon of virtue that fights for Justice and battles demons and undead. (Standard Paladin)

Wizard Type -
* Mage - Your usual cast spells to blast people with. (Standard Generalist)
* Necromancer - expert in magic dealing with life and death. (Standard Necromancer)
* Warlock - Conjuration expert that uses demonic and devilish energies and traffics with demons and devils. (from World of Warcraft)

The Shaman and the Warlock are pretty easily defined:
Here are the lists from the WoW RPG (yes, Shadow Bolt and the Curses are missing)

0-Level Warlock Spells
Acid Splash: Orb deals 1d3 acid damage.

1st-Level Warlock Spells
Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less fl ees for
1d4 rounds.
Demon Skin, Lesser: As demon skin, except +1
natural armor and 6 temporary hit points.
Mount: Summons riding horse for 2 hours/level.
Summon Monster I: Calls extraplanar creature to
fi ght for you.
Unseen Servant: Invisible force obeys your

2nd-Level Warlock Spells
Orb of Annihilation: Touch attack deals 4d8 damage,
plus 1d8 damage to those nearby.
Summon Monster II: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.
Summon Swarm: Summons swarm of bats, rats or

3rd-Level Warlock Spells
Demon Skin: The caster creates a layer of dense
scales that protects her from harm; +3 natural armor
and 18 temporary hit points.
Hooks of Binding: Immobilizes a demon or undead
Summon Monster III: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.
Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.

4th-Level Warlock Spells
Eye of Kilrogg: Invisible, floating eye moves 30 ft./
Ner’zhul’s Black Tentacles: Tentacles grapple all
within 20-ft. spread.
Rain of Fire: 3d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 fi re damage,
20-ft. radius, no save.
Summon Monster IV: Calls extraplanar creature to
fi ght for you.

5th-Level Warlock Spells
Carrion Swarm: A swarm of vermin attacks creatures;
1d6/level damage.
Drain Life: Target takes Stamina damage, you regain
hit points.
Drain Soul: You draw the vital energy out of your
Hooks of Binding, Greater: Immobilizes a powerful
demon or undead creature.
Planar Binding, Lesser: Traps extraplanar creature of
6 HD or less until it performs a task.
Summon Monster V: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.

6th-Level Warlock Spells
Acid Fog: Fog deals 2d6 acid damage/round.
Demon Skin, Greater: As demon skin, except +6
natural armor and 32 temporary hit points.
Planar Binding: As lesser planar binding, but up to 12 HD.
Soulstone: A gem forged from dark magic restores
you to life.
Summon Monster VI: Calls extraplanar creature to
fi ght for you.

7th-Level Warlock Spells
Dark Metamorphosis: Caster gains potent defenses
and attacks.
Phase Door: Creates an invisible passage through
wood or stone.
Summon Monster VII: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.

8th-Level Warlock Spells
Planar Binding, Greater: As lesser planar binding, but
up to 18 HD.
Summon Monster VIII: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.

9th-Level Warlock Spells
Gate: Connects two planes for travel or summoning.
Summon Monster IX: Calls extraplanar creature to
fight for you.

0-Level Shaman Spells
Flare: Dazzles one creature (–1 penalty on attack

1st-Level Shaman Spells
Burning Hands [Ds]: 1d4/level fi re damage (max
Lightning Guardians, Lesser [El]: As lightning
guardians, opponents take 1d4+1 electricity damage.
Roar [Wd]: Your great roar gives allies +1 morale
bonuses on attack and damage rolls.
Stasis Trap: Totem explodes and dazes creatures.
War Drums [Wr]: Allies gain +2 bonus on damage

2nd-Level Shaman Spells
Augury M F: Learns whether an action will be good or
Flaming Sphere [Ds]: Creates rolling ball of fi re, 2d6
fi re damage, lasts 1 round/level.
Frost Armor: Grants +4 armor bonus to AC and
chills attackers.
Call of the Spirits [Si]: You gain a +5 bonus on one
die roll.

3rd-Level Shaman Spells
Bloodlust [Si]: Spirits give subject extra attacks and
+4 Str.
Frost Nova: Explosion of cold damages and chills
Healing Ward: Totem’s positive energy heals allies,
damages undead.
Lightning Guardians: Globes of electricity damage
anyone who attacks caster.
Serpent Ward: Totem releases fi reballs at targets
within 30 ft.
Shockwave: A powerful wave of force shakes the
ground and damages creatures.

4th-Level Shaman Spells
Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally
despite impediments.
Immolation: Flames covering you damage opponents
and protect you from cold-based attacks.
Nondetection M: Hides subject from divination,
Reincarnate: Brings dead subject back in a random

5th-Level Shaman Spells
Commune with Nature: You learn about terrain for
1 mile/level.
Fire Shield [El]: Creatures attacking you take fi re
damage; you’re protected from heat or cold.
Lightning Guardians, Greater: As lightning guardians,
opponents take 3d4+3 electricity damage.

6th-Level Shaman Spells
Chain Lightning [El]: 1d6/level damage; 1 secondary
bolt/level each deals half damage.
Find the Path: Shows most direct way to a location.
Move Earth: Digs trenches and builds hills.

7th-Level Shaman Spells
Earthquake [Si]: Intense tremor shakes 80-ft. radius.
Resurrection M: Fully restore dead subject.
Wind Walk: You and your allies turn vaporous and
travel fast.

8th-Level Shaman Spells
Fire Storm: Deals 1d6/level fi re damage.
Whirlwind [Si]: Cyclone deals damage and can pick
up creatures.

9th-Level Shaman Spells
Elemental Swarm [El]: Summons multiple
Foresight [Si]: “Sixth sense” warns of impending

This pretty much means that the necromancer specializes in the spells of Necromancy and some destruction, while the mage pretty much specializes in Evocation and Transmutation spells. As for the Shaman, he gets his own two domains: elements and spirits. While the Druid is tied to reverence the material, the Shaman reverences the spiritual.

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